70 pounds lighter

Meet Ella Gregory, who just moved back into town . She left before because she was getting bullied for being over weight. Now 70 pounds lighter Ella plans for this year to be different. And it will be when Harry Styles and One Direction is added in to the picture.


1. Same school different me ... First day

        70 pounds can change a person well any way it changed me. I now watch what I eat what I do and every little thing normal people don't. I know weight 126 pounds the lightest I had been since the 4th grade. I had an interesting childhood and would not stop eating. Finally in the 7th grade I talked my mom into moving because was getting bullied so much. She finally gave in. We started a diet and workout plan and I pledge I would come back and show everyone I wasn't "Fatella". I was "skinny pretty Ella" and was never going to be referred to that horrid name ever again.  I was excited to start my junior as the new me. I got my haircut; my mom and I went and got professional makeup artists to teach us how to do make up correctly, a completely new wardrobe and best of all a pretty decent car. 

    First Day morning: I woke up at 6:00 am on the dot just so I could make sure I looked perfect. I brushed my hair, turned on my curling iron and ran to my closet. I quickly went through and grabbed a light pink floral dress and my light blue jean jacket and my brown boots. I slipped my clothes and pulled on the boots then ran to the bathroom and started curling my hair I checked the clock 6:10. Wow I have time I guess I can stop freaking out.  I finally finished curling my hair and put my make up on. I then said out loud " I feel pretty, for the first time in ages." I grabbed my backpack and headed down the stairs. I smelled turkey bacon and blueberry pancakes mom was singing loudly. "Mom some people are still trying to sleep," I said sarcastically. She laughed and said ' who are you talking about your invisible friends I thought you didn't have those any more," "very funny " I said as she placed two slices of bacon and a pancake in front of me and then sat down. " Ella, do you remember that Harry boy you used to have a crush on?" " Yeah why, " I asked. " Well, I gave him a job at the bakery so can you show him the ropes after school." "Why yes I can." I said giggling.  I had been excited to see him he was the cutest guy in the 7th grade and the only boy I had eyes for all through out school. I grabbed my stuff and kissed my mom on the head ran grabbed my keys. 

     First day of school: I finally arrived at school I started to get really nervous then I reminded myself no one will realize its you. I got out and who did I see Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam. All of them standing around a silver convertible that made my car look like a cardboard box with rocks as wheels.  Collected my self and got out of the car and grabbed my bag. I heard a whistle I turned around it was Louis. Louis and all the other boys were all just staring at me I playfully yelled, "Take a picture it will last longer." Niall took out his phone and Liam smacked him on the head," Niall its an expression," Liam said. I turned around and walked up to the door. Louis ran up beside me and said  " Hey beautiful, I was just wondering if I could walk you to class." " I guess."  He walked me to my first period English class. He the said, " Funny Harold has this class to so I guess I'll be seeing you around." "I guess." Harry walked in ten minutes late and sat right beside me this was going to be a good day.


    First day afterschool: I drove to work after having the most amazing first day of school ever. I was excited to spend a whole day with Harry and show him what to do. I walked into the bakery my mom was sitting at the counter. She got a huge grin on her face when I walked is and ran around the counter. “How was school Ella,” “ it was the best day I ever had.”  Harry walked into the store and said. “ Sorry I’m late it’s been a long day,” my mom the said “ it’s okay Ella will get you set up I’m going to the store to get some more fruit for the tarts. Ella can you bake ten loaves of bread please?”  She walked out of the store. I tossed Harry an apron and said, “ do you know how to bake?” he shook his head, “ well its time to learn.” I gave him some flour. “ So what do I put this in,” he asked, “ are you completely hopeless?” I asked jokingly he said “No” and tossed a handful of flour on me,” what “was that for?” I asked as I dumped a bag of flour on his curls. “This is war,’ he yelled as he tackled me on to the flour and broke two eggs on my head. The next thing that happened blew my mind he kissed me and it was just a peck it was meaningful long kiss.  The next thing the happened my mom walked in and said, “ You guys missed the bowl.” “ Sorry Ms. Gregory I’ll clean it up,” said Harry looking actually concerned. My mom grabbed the milk carton and poured it over my head and laughed. “ Clean that up while you're at it too.”

  First day night: I got ready for bed and looked forward to the next day of school.

*Author note: Thanks for reading comment below if you like it also. I am looking for two names for two female characters leave those below too! (You could become a part of the story!) Leave any suggestions too… I’m open to anything! If you like it I will post every week!

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