Be Careful What You Wish For

I'm just an average girl, my friend is a singer and so she is constantly inviting me to these A-List parties. I finally gave in.. but I think that night was a mistake. That night was when I met him.


5. Visitors

Savannah's POV

I woke up with a headache and pulled the covers over my head.  I didn't want to do anything today, just sleep.  I heard a phone go off and it screeched in my ears.

"Please get that someone," I said weakly.  The noise stopped and I tried to go back to sleep.

"Savannah, It's for you love," Ed said putting the phone in my free hand.  I huffed and brought the phone near my ear.

"Hello?" I said sleepily.

"Savannah where were you last night?" Tabby said worried.

"Nothing, I'm at Ed's right now," I said trying to remember what all happened a couple hours ago.

"OoOo.. alright sorry to interrupt you guys," she said snickering.

"Shut up I just now woke up," I said laughing.

"Alright, just buzz me later when you're coming back," she said.

"Byeee," I said then hung up.  I set the phone down and decided I had to get up no matter what now.  I pulled off the covers and looked for Ed.

"Ed where are youuu," I said roaming his house.

"In the kitchen," he shouted over.  I wobbled my way over there and instantly smelt the bacon.

"Thought you would like something to eat," he smiled.

"You never told me you could cook," I said looking at him surprised.  He smiled and grabbed some bread and orange juice. I decided to help him by getting out some cups and plates.

"Sleep well last night?" I asked trying to get the conversation up again.

"Nope," he said pouring the juice.  

"Why?" I asked looking at the bags under his eyes.

"There wasn't much room on the chair to sleep on," he said letting a laugh slip.  Then I remembered the chair by the sofa when I woke up..

"Oh please tell me you didn't sit there all night," I whined.

"I'm fine, really," he assured me.

"No," I protested.  "Go get some sleep now."

"Can't I just make you breakfast first?" he whined.

 I pushed against him, trying to get him to go to the living room.  After a couple failing attempts, I huffed and sat on the couch annoyed.  After a couple minutes, he came in the room with two plates.

"I'm still mad at you," I said not looking at him.

"And why is that?" he said curiously.

"You won't go to sleep," I said.  He hadn't gotten any sleep and he was still so energetic.

"If you really want me to, I'll take a nap," he said looking at me.  Thinking this was as close I would get to him sleeping, I nodded and started eating.


I was cleaning the plates and Ed was still asleep, thank god.  I finished putting the last plate in the dishwasher when I saw Ed's bedroom door open.  The girl from last night popped in, and we chatted for a bit.

"By the way, I'm Landyn," she said holding her hand out.

"Savannah," I said smiling.  I looked over at the couch again and he was still sound asleep.

"Do you like him?" she said looking over in my direction.

"What?!" I said caught off guard.

"C'mon, I can tell he likes you," she said leaning against the cabinet.   I never really thought of it that way.  I shook my head and continued cleaning up.

"We've only known each other for a couple days," I said reassuring her.

"Alright, whatever you say," she said giggling.  I heard the door unlock and it swung open.

"ED I'M-," Harry started.

"What the fuck Harry!" I whispered angrily.

"Sorry," he whispered,  holding in his laughter.

"Where's Ed?" he asked.

"Sleeping, now shoo I'm cleaning," I said waving him away.

"I didn't know Ed had a housekeeper," he said grinning.  I laughed and shook my head.  Harry made his way over to me and scanned the area.

"You missed a spot," he said pointing at a grease spot on the counter.

"I'll mess you up if you do not get away from me Styles," I said holding a butter knife.  He put both of his hands up and we all busted out laughing.

"Oh by the way, Harry, this is Landyn, Landyn, Harry," I said.  They talked for a bit while I finished the cleaning.

 I threw the hand towel in a hamper and went to check on Ed.  He had been asleep for a good four hours, and I decided to wake him up.  I pulled the covers off of him and shook him violently.

"ED WAKE UP THERE'S AN EARTHQUAKE WE GOTTA GO," I said busting out laughing at the end.  He opened his eyes, unaware of what was going on.

"Dammit Savannah, you scared the living piss out of me," he said rubbing his eyes.  I just fell to the ground, laughing and making squeaking noises every now and then.

"Is a mouse dying in there?" Harry shouted.

"No, not yet," Ed said getting ready to attack.

"Oh, please don't," I said trying to catch my breath.

"Too late," he said snatching me up and carrying me to the kitchen.  Harry seemed to trash the kitchen again in less than five minutes..

"Harry!" I said irritated.  "I just spent two hours on this!"

"Sorry hun," he said popping a chip into his mouth.  I huffed and crossed my arms.

"You cleaned the kitchen?" Ed asked.

Harry nodded. "Seems you've got a maid now," he said snickering.  I punched him in the shoulder playfully and he cringed.  

"Owww," Harry said pouting.

"Oh c'mon it didn't hurt that bad," I said getting out some bread.  He caught me off guard and punched me lightly in the shoulder and griped the refrigerator handle, remembering the bruises from the night before.

"Are you alright?" Ed said putting his hand on my back.  I nodded and went to sit down.

"I'm so sor-," Harry started.

I shook my head. "It's fine, I'm just a little bruised."

"What happened?" he asked.  Landyn told him all about last night and the paper he was playing with soon was in tiny shreds.

"We're fine Harry, you don't need to get stressed about it," I said taking away his paper.  He nodded and got up from the table.  It wasn't like him to get this overprotective..  I took out my phone and called Tabby to tell her the story...



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