Be Careful What You Wish For

I'm just an average girl, my friend is a singer and so she is constantly inviting me to these A-List parties. I finally gave in.. but I think that night was a mistake. That night was when I met him.


2. Twitcam

It was about midnight, and everyone was still partying hard.  I sat down to catch my breath and zoned out until I heard a loud bang in the kitchen area.

"What the hell was that?" Niall said running.

"Nothing, I'm fine mate," I heard a voice say.  It wasn't any of the boys or Tabby.  I looked around the corner but still didn't see anyone.  

"C'mon mate, have some fun," Harry said walking over to the kitchen.

"No, I had this party for you guys, not me," the person grunted.  Harry and Niall gave up and went back to partying.

"Hey Tabby, I'm going to get going hom-," I started.

"You can't right now! We're about to do some prank calls then a twitcam," Tabby said cutting me off.

"Fine, but after that I'm gone," I sighed.  I was tired already but I guess a few more hours wouldn't hurt.


We made a few calls and we were in a middle of a twitcam when I went to get some water.  I flipped on the switch when I saw a man passed out on the floor.

"What the..," I started.  He had a beer in his hand and was slumped against the dishwasher.  It had to be uncomfortable, so I drug him to the couch.

"Where am I..," he said covering his face with his hands.

"You're at a party and you were passed out in the kitchen so I decided to get you in a more comfortable position," I said getting a blanket from the top of the couch.

"Go have fun.. go with the guys," he mumbled.  

"To be honest I'm not really a partying person," I said laughing.  He smiled slightly and still had his eyes closed.  It was silent for a bit until he started talking.

"So what brings you here," he said rolling over facing me.

"I'm a friend of Tabby's, what about you?" I said.

"Does the host have to have an invitation?" he said smiling.

"Oh I'm sorry!, I didn't know," I said.

"It's fine," he said smiling, "I'm Ed."

"Savannah," I said shaking his hand.

He still seemed a bit drunk and when he went to get up he fell to the ground which made me burst out laughing.

"You wouldn't be laughing if it happened to you," he said.

"I think I would," I said trying to contain my laughter. I got up to help him up, but instead he pulled me down, making me laugh more.

"See," I said laughing.  He just smiled and we laid on the floor for awhile.

"Everything alright in here?" Harry said walking in.

"Yeah, just fell," Ed said laughing.  


Harry's POV

"Truth or dare?" Liam said to the camera.  We were bored as hell, and wanted to see what the fans wanted to do.  I looked over all the comments and one made me bust out laughing.

"Liam I dare you to eat with a spoon for a hour," I read out loud.  Everyone laughed hard and Liam was just stone cold.

"I'll go get the spoon and some food," I said.

"You people are evil," Liam said grunting.  I got up before Liam started to go full rage, God knows what he would do.  I heard a loud thump in the main area, apart from where we were.  I rushed there, thinking Ed passed out.  When I opened the door Ed and Savannah were on the floor laughing their asses off.


"Everything alright in here?" I said raising my eyebrow

"Yeah, just fell," Ed said laughing.  I rolled my eyes and headed back to the kitchen getting a spoon and cereal.  Ed was the kind of drunk that was either the way to happy or zoning out.  When I came back to the dance floor Zayn was shirtless and Niall was pantless.

"Erm, I got the spoon," I said.

"Harry why did you have to remind them," Liam whined.  I chuckled and set the bowl in front of him.

"Eat, eat, eat, eat," we all chanted.  After a while he gave in and wrapped up the twitcam.

"Where's Savannah," Tabby said to me.

"Oh she's in the other room with Ed," I said. Her eyes got wide and rushed passed me.  What the hell got into her..

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