Be Careful What You Wish For

I'm just an average girl, my friend is a singer and so she is constantly inviting me to these A-List parties. I finally gave in.. but I think that night was a mistake. That night was when I met him.


17. Please Don't Go


"Well you gotta tell her!" Landyn commanded after I finished telling them about Georgia and I.
I was about to speak when I heard crying coming from the room, and I nearly started crying too.  I was the reason she had been like this.  It's my fault.  The girls looked at the door and back at me.  
"I have to go," I said getting up.
"Where are you going?" Tabby said tugging on my shoulder.
"Somewhere where I can't hurt Savannah," I said and then I ran as fast as I could.


"I need to find him," I said getting up.  Niall was awake now and Tabby had filled him in.  I grabbed my purse and phone and started to turn the handle but a hand grasped my arm.
"Niall I'll be fine," I said opening the door.  He let go and I went to the only place I knew he would be.  The Airport.

After going through security, I searched through each of the gates.  He had to be here somewhere.  


"I'll be fine," she said looking at me.  I let go and she darted out the door.
"Don't just stand there, go follow her!" Tabby urged.  I nodded and went after her.  I couldn't think straight and I could only process one thing in my mind.  Follow her.  She rushed down the hallways and in about ten minutes we were at the airport.  Never had she once looked back to see that I was following her.  
"Savannah," I spoke up when she was scanning around the gates.
"What are you doing here Niall?!" Savannah urgently whispered.
"I followed you so you wouldn't do anything stupid," I said hugging her.
"I just need to find Ed.. before he leaves," she said with tears forming again.
"I think he's already gone," I sighed.
"What do you mean?" she asked puzzled.
"When he's determined he gets the closest flight, even if it takes off in five minutes," I explained.  She wrapped her arms around me and started crying again.  I picked her up and set her down on a chair while I went in the bathroom.  I pulled out my phone and called Ed.
"I'm about to take off," he started.
"Listen Ed.  When the girls told Savannah about your little runaway she was more hurt than ever.  She immediately ran over to the airport.  Thank God I was following her.  Ed I don't know what the hell you were thinking.  She's pregnant and emotionally unstable right now and what do you do? You fucking run away and think all her pain is going to go away.  And so we're here at the airport and she is crying her eyes out right now.  If this is what you call not making her suffer anymore then I don't even know what to think of you anymore," I ranted.  He took a minute to answer again.
"Tell her I'm sorry please," he whispered.
"Why don't you come and tell her yourself," I said and then hung up.  I walked back out of the bathroom and Savannah was curled up in a ball.
"Did Ed answer," she asked quietly.
"He did, and he's already on a plane, but he told me to tell you that he's sorry," I said sitting next to her.  She nodded and closed her eyes, but it was evident she was still crying.
"Tell you what," I started, "we can go to the hospital to see how far along you are and if we can tell if it's a boy or girl I'm naming it."
"Sure," she laughed wiping off her tears.  I helped her up and we made it out of the airport with no screaming fans following us.  We walked around for about a hour and finally found a hospital.  I helped her to the front desk and started talking.
"Is there any chance there is a doctor free to check up on her?," I said.  She nodded and showed us to a room with a doctor already there.  
"Ah Miss Davis, how are you feeling?" he asked.
"Good, I just found out I was pregnant yesterday," she laughed.
"Alright, just sit right here and I'll see how far along you are," he said gesturing to the bed.
I zoned out for a while and thought about how far away yesterday was.  
"Are you the father of the child sir?" the doctor said as I was zoning back in.
"Oh, no I'm just here because the father couldn't come," I said harshly.  
"It's a girl," he said pointing to the screen.  Savannah was silent crying, but this time she was actually happy.
I went over to hug her and the doctor had already left the room.
"Thank you Niall," she cried.
"I told you, your like the little sister I never had," I said lifting her off the bed and walking down the hall.

"Please stop the plane," I said going up to the cockpit.
"I'm sorry sir, the door is already closed," the pilot said.  No.  I wasn't taking no for an answer.  I went up to the door and unlatched it,  and I heard some gasps come from behind me.  I ran through the walkway and the door was still open.  I slid past the attendants and got out of the airport.  I called Niall to apologize.
"Yes," Niall said laughing.
"I just got out of the plane, where are you guys?" I asked gasping for air.
"Uhm. we just left the hospital. Just come back to the hotel," he said quietly.  
"Okay," I said hopefully.  The call ended and I rushed over to the hotel.


"I've got to tell you something," Savannah said to me in the hallway.
"Yes?" I asked holding her in my arms. 
"It's a girl, me and Niall went to see today after you left," she said looking at me. 

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