Be Careful What You Wish For

I'm just an average girl, my friend is a singer and so she is constantly inviting me to these A-List parties. I finally gave in.. but I think that night was a mistake. That night was when I met him.


21. Lunch


The lunch bell rang, and the kids were already lined up at the door before I could even get up.
"Hungry?" I asked them.
"Yes, Miss Davis can Ed be our teacher when you are gone?" Millie asked.
"No, he can't teach, but he can sing," I explained.
"SING, SING, SING, SING," they all chanted.
"After lunch," Ed laughed.  They all cheered and I opened the door.  They poured out into the hallway and I turned off the light and locked the door behind me. 
"Are you sure about the whole singing thing?" I asked Ed.
"It's no problem, I'll just get Nigel out of the car on the way back to the classroom," he said putting his arm around my neck.
"So what did you want to ask me yesterday on the phone?" I asked with my arm linked onto his.
"Oh, uhm well I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to one of my concerts tonight," he said twiddling with his thumbs.
"Sure, why not," I laughed.  I opened the door for the lunch room and yet again there was no spot left for me at the teacher table.  
"Where do you usually sit?" he asked looking around.
"Over by my class right there," I pointed out.
Why not over there?" he said pointing towards the teacher filled table.  I shook my head and went in the lunch line to get my food.  They actually had some decent salad today.  I grabbed a tray and piled food onto the plate, and Ed only got some corn and a water.
"That's what you call your lunch?" I laughed.
"Just not that hungry today," he smiled.  We sat down at the end of my class's table and all the kids were asking Ed questions.  After fifteen minutes they were still finding questions to ask.
"I gotta go to the loo, be right back," I said getting up.  Ed nodded and got back right into his conversation with the kids.  I went down the hall and I heard someone else's footsteps.  Dear lord please let that not be Mike.
"Who was that?" I heard Emma call from a distance.  I turned around to look at her.
"Old friend," I answered quickly.  
"Is he the father?" she asked chewing on her gum.
"Uhm.. yea but we're not dating," I said and turned on the faucet water.  
"He is quite cute," she laughed.  
"Just stop it Emma.  Just leave me alone today and you won't have to see me for a couple months," I snapped.
"Now what kind of fun would that be?" she said now behind me.  I tuned off the water and grabbed some paper towels.
"Just know that even if you do get back with him, I'll make sure it won't last," she said and walked off.  
I'm done.  I'm done with this school.  I'm done with the teachers.  I'm done with Emma.  I'm done with Mike.  Done.


"You should go out with Miss Davis," one of the girls said.
"I don't think she'd want that about now," I smiled and drank my water.
"Pleaseeee," she whined.  
"I'll think about it, now eat before lunch is over," I said pointing to her full plate. 
"I'm not hungryyy," she whined.  I sighed and looked around for Savannah.  It had been fifteen minutes and she still wasn't back.  I stood up and walked over to the  table where the rest of the teachers were.
"Do any of you know where Savannah is?" I asked politely.  The one with red hair similar to mine turned around and smiled.
"I think she's still in the bathroom, Hi I'm Emma," she said getting up.
"Do you know where the bathroom is? I'm Ed by the way," I said shaking her hand.
"Just across the hall on your right," she said smiling.  I nodded and looked about everywhere until I heard crying from a stall down the hall.  I ran and opened the stall.  I found Savannah huddled up in a corner. 
"Savannah!" I said crouching next to her.  She kept her face hidden and I sat next to her and wrapped my arms around her stomach.
"Shhh it'll be alright," I whispered to her while trying to look at her.  Her arms flung around my neck and her face was nuzzled into my shoulder.
"Are you alright?" I asked kissing her cheek.  She shook her head and continued crying.
"What happened?" I asked.
"I'm just done," she sobbed.  
"It'll be alright," I repeated and she finally looked back at me.
"Why can't for once something go right," she said putting her head under my chin.
"It will work out soon, don't worry," I said kissing her head.
"It won't, I'm going to end up as an old woman having a whole bunch of cats with no one but myself," she giggled.
"Don't say that, I'm sure you'll find someone better for you than I ever will be," I smiled.  It hurt me to say it , but I needed to move on.
"Thanks," she smiled.  The bell rang and the children's talking became closer and closer.
"I can't get up," she giggled.  
"Fine," I huffed and picked her up as I went back to the classroom.  The kids were lined up at the door and I took the key that Savannah had in her hand and unlocked the door.  After the kids went in, I went in and shut the door with my foot and set Savannah on the bean bag at the back of the class.
"So are you going to tell me what happened?" I asked laying beside her.
"I don't really want to talk about it now," she said quietly.  I sighed and pulled her closer to me.  
"Have you taken a shower in the past few months?!" she asked backing away from my face.
"Uhm.. not really," I laughed.
"God Ed! You need to get some hygiene!" she said plugging her nose.  I stuck my tongue out at her and  she did the same.  The door squeaked open and Emma popes her head in.  Savannah froze and turned away.  
"Are you okay?" I asked shaking her arm.
"Can you just talk to her and see what she wants," she aid lowly.  I nodded and got up, adjusting my clothes.  Emma smiled at me and walked over in my direction.
"Where's Savannah?" she asked looking around.  From here, Savannah was pretty well hidden.
"She's out right now, what's up?" I asked sitting down by the book area.
"Well I was wondering if you had any free time tonight to go get something to eat and know each other better," she smiled.
"Actually I have a concert-," I said before she cut me off.
"Do you mind me coming with you?" she asked.
"Uhm.. sure," I said.
"Here's my number, just call me when you're there and give me directions," she said scribbling a number onto a piece of paper.  I nodded and with that she left the room.  I went to check on Savannah and she was asleep on the bean bags.  
"Savannah, love wake up," I whispered next to her.  
"What's going on," she mumbled. 
"You're still at work," I smiled.  Her eyes widened and she scrambled to her feet.
"Calm down now," I laughed.
"I don't usually fall asleep in class," she smiled.  She helped
me to my feet and the final bell rang.  All the children stormed over to give Savannah a hug and they left the room soon after.  
"Be good, I'll see you guys soon," she said and waved.  


It was 5:00, and I drove over to the venue and called Emma to make sure she knew where it was.  After that, I called Savannah.  No answer.  She must be on her way now.  It took an hour to get there, but when I arrived there were already people there lined up.  I went in through the back and became unnoticed by the fans.  I called Savannah again just to make sure she was here.  No answer.  I sighed and put my phone back in my pocket.


I immediately fell asleep when I got home.  When I got up, it was 4:45.  If I got ready in ten minutes, I could get to the concert and meet up with Ed then.  I stretched my legs and stood up to grab my phone.  It buzzed in my hand, and Tabby was calling.  I immediately pressed answer and held the phone close to my ear. 
"Hello," I yawned.
"Hey, me Landyn and El are ordering our plane tickets for Saturday, does that sound alright?" she asked.  
"Yeah, that's per- holy shit," I gasped.
"What is it?" she asked quickly.
"I think my water just broke," I said faintly.

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