Be Careful What You Wish For

I'm just an average girl, my friend is a singer and so she is constantly inviting me to these A-List parties. I finally gave in.. but I think that night was a mistake. That night was when I met him.


7. Lazy Day

I fiddled with my IPod while I was waiting for Ed.

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So how's your date goin? :D -Tabby

To: Tabby

For the 50th time it is not a date.

I started playing some music through my ear buds and 'Fallin' for you' came on. I hummed the tune lowly, not really paying attention to anything else.

"Earth to Savannah," Ed said waving his hands in front of my face.

"Oh, sorry," I said yanking the ear buds from my ears.

"Here's your lasagna," Mandy said setting a plate down.

"Thanks," I said. She scurried off somewhere and I began to eat. I barely had any food at lunch so I was grateful for about any food that was put in front of me.

"This food is amazing," I said with food still in my mouth. He smiled and picked at his food a little but longer until Mandy came back.

"Need anything else guys?" she said with a notepad and a pen in her hand.

"No, I think that's it," Ed said finishing his food.

"Alright, you guys have your fun, dinners on me," she said smiling.

"Mandy," Ed groaned, "You know I'm not leaving until I give you money."

"We'll you're going to have to hide it from me," she said giggling and going to the back of the restaurant. He took some cash out of his wallet and put it under the vase.

"It is perfectly hidden," I said sarcastically.

"At least she'll know where it is," he said smiling. We left and kept on talking about classic movies.

"Wall-E is my favorite," I said kicking a rock off into the bushes.

"I like Toy Story," he said.

"I would of expected something like that to come out of Liam's mouth," I said laughing. It was already getting dark, and I was tired.

"Night Ed," I said hugging him in front of my flat.

"Goodnight Hun," he said pulling me into his chest. Why did I have to be so short.. I opened the door and flipped the light switch on.

"What the hell Savannah," Tabby said rubbing her eyes on the couch.

"You should of been in bed if you didn't want your sleep interrupted," I said wiggling off my jacket. She groaned and got up and dragged into her room. I decided to go to sleep too and call it quits. I opened my bedroom door and jumped onto my bed.. crashing seconds after.


I woke up to Tabby hitting me with a pillow.

"Wake up sleepy head," she said laughing. I groaned and rolled over on the bed.

"Five more minutes," I said muffled into my pillow. "Fine, I'm going to make breakfast," she said throwing down the pillow. The door closed shut and I grasped for my phone with my eyes closed. I squinted as the blinding light of my phone displayed the time. 8:38. I sighed and got up, grabbing some clothes and headed to the shower down the hall. I set my clothes on the counter of the sink and turned on the hot water. I was half asleep getting in the shower, and it showed when I was getting out and there was no towel. I whined and shouted for Tabby.

"TABBY I NEED A TOWEL," I said at the top of my lungs. I heard some shuffling and the door slowly opened.

"Ed?! What the hell!" I said hiding behind the curtain.

"You needed a towel?" he said with a few towels in his hand.

"Yes, now set them down and shoo," I said motioning my hand outward. He smiled and closed the door, and I rushed to the door, locking it. I picked up the towels and wrapped one around my hair and above my neck. I slipped on my clothes soon after and went to the kitchen with the towel still on my head.

"I sent Ed in cuz' I was making pancakes," she said giggling.

"I will get you back Tabby," I said with a mischevious smile. Ed was laughing up a storm at the table.

"And as for you Ed Mister," I started, "you will get payback also." I ate my food and Ed and Tabby were telling me what was planned out for today."

"I'm doing nothing today," Ed said cheerfully.

"Good, then you can help me clean the house," I said smiling.

"Ooo," Tabby said.

"Fine by me," he said putting up his plate. Tabby went to a baby shower of one of her old friends so when she left I immediately started cleaning the living room.

"Right now?" Ed whined.

"Yup," I said laughing. He eventually got up and threw some paper plates in the garbage. After a hour of cleaning I sat down on the couch and looked for something good on Tv.


I finished cleaning the kitchen and sat next to Savannah on the couch.

"There's nothing good on," she sighed. I looked for her DVDs and saw The Notebook, case unopened.

"Have you seen this?" I said holding it up.

"I've been meaning to but I've been to busy," she said fiddling with her thumbs. My jaw dropped and she looked at me weird.

"Today you will watch this movie," I said getting up and popping the disc into the DVD player. My arm was wrapped around Savannah and halfway into the movie I looked at her and she was dead asleep on my chest. I smiled and kept on watching the movie, laying my head on her hair. I wanted to be more than just friends. I wanted her to be mine. And I had the perfect idea for it.

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