Be Careful What You Wish For

I'm just an average girl, my friend is a singer and so she is constantly inviting me to these A-List parties. I finally gave in.. but I think that night was a mistake. That night was when I met him.


4. Late Night Calls

Savannah's POV

I put the address in my GPS and started walking in the black darkness.  It was almost 3:40, and the only thing I had to drink was a water. 

From: Ed

Don't be late xx

To: Ed

Don't be early xx

I smiled and locked my phone.  I was taking a shortcut to the coffee shop when I heard a loud scream.  I jumped back and stood there for a second, scared to death.  I peeped around the corner and I could see a couple guys with ski masks on torturing a young lady.  I mean, I couldn't just stand there and do nothing.  My legs ran toward the hurt girl and I shielded some cuts before the guys noticed I was there.

"Go away," one man said in a stern voice.

"Leave her alone," I snapped back.

"Fine, you asked for it," another said getting something out of his bag.

"Run," I whispered to the girl. She nodded and darted out into the darkness.  Why didn't I ever take those self defense classes..



Landyn's POV 

"Run," she whispered to me.  I shook my head and ran as fast as I could.  I needed to get help.  I couldn't just leave her there to defend herself.  I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and I ran into another man.

"Oops, sorry," he said.

"Can you please help me?" I said trying to catch my breath.

"Is everything okay?" he said looking at me with a concerned face.

 I told him the whole story of how I was in the alley and she came to help me, and his eyes grey with fury.

"Which way," he said clenching his fist.  I ran with him to the direction I came from and I lost track of him.  I sat down and hid behind a garbage bin, trying to get a grip on what just happened.



Ed's POV

I ran with the young girl to find those bastards.  I looked behind myself and I didn't see her anymore, but I guess I was going the right way.  I heard a muffled voice and ran down an alley.  

"Just leave her here," a man said. 

"Not until I get done with you," I said throwing a punch at one of them.

"Who the hell are you?" one said trying to punch me in the stomach.  I didn't talk much, only focusing on my moves.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone slipping a pocket knife out of a bag and sneaking up on the guys.  

"LEAVE HIM ALONE," she shouted.  Then I realized it was Savannah.  The guys chickened out and ran and left their bags.

"I'm so sorry," I said holding her close.

"It wasn't your fault," she said wincing.  I almost forgot that the guys had abused her.   I slid my hands where I didn't see any bruises and carried her down the dark roads.

"Thank you," she whispered sleepily.

"Don't thank me, just get some rest," I said putting my chin on her head.

She drifted off to sleep and I began looking for the girl that helped me find her.

"Hello? Are you still here? Don't worry,the guys are gone," I shouted out into the night.  I heard a scruffling noise and she came out from behind a bin.

"Are you guys alright?" she said weakly.

"Just a couple bruises," I said smiling.

"I feel horrible right now, I could of at least helped you fight," she said walking with me back to the house.

"Don't worry," I said shaking my head.  We were silent most of the time back until we got to my house.

"Do you want do crash at my place?" I asked.

"Sure," she said smiling.

I opened the door and set Savannah on the couch and she moaned in pain.  

"You can get my bed if you want," I said getting a few blankets from a closet.

"Are you sure?" she said looking at me confused.

I nodded. "I'm not getting any sleep tonight anyways," I said placing the blankets on Savannah.

She nodded and headed to the other room.  I grabbed a chair and sat next to Savannah and held her hand the rest of the night...

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