Be Careful What You Wish For

I'm just an average girl, my friend is a singer and so she is constantly inviting me to these A-List parties. I finally gave in.. but I think that night was a mistake. That night was when I met him.


22. Labor


"What?! It's way too early though!" I shouted.
"I know but how do you explain a puddle of water under me?!" she croaked.
"Oh gosh, okay just calm down and think of all the variables, maybe you peed yourself?" I said trying to calm her down.
"Okay, ok calm down, I'll call Ed and you call an ambulance," I said hastily. 
"Okay," she said and hung up.  I fumbled with my fingers and called Ed.  Busy.  Dammit Ed pick up!  I called once more.  Busy.  Fuck it, I dialed the airport and booked three  tickets to Ohio.  I dialed El and Landyn in a group call and waited for them to pick up.
"Yes?" Landyn said giggling.
"Holy shit isn't it a little early?!" Eleanor exclaimed.
"YES JUST GET TO THE AIRPORT," I said and hung up. I grabbed my keys off the table and ran out to the car.


The ambulance soon came and they carried me into the vehicle.  They were telling me to breath and close my eyes.  I felt somewhat relieved that there was someone here for me right now.  After what felt like hours, I was wheeled into the hospital and it was like a madhouse.  They put me in a room and set me on the bed. 
"Do you have any family or friends we can contact for you?" A young male said by my side.  
"Ed Sheeran," I said handing him my phone.  
"Is he the father?" he asked while searching through my contacts.  I nodded and one of the nurses was next to me holding my hand.
"Hello is Mr. Sheeran there?" the doctor asked. I was zoning in and out and I couldn't really focus on one exact thing.  
"She's in room 361," the doctor said hanging up.
"Savannah, Ed said he was on his way, is there anyone else I need to tell?" he asked holding my hands.  I shook my head and closed my eyes.  Nurses were running in and out of the room so much I needed to just have a dark escape.  


I was about to call Savannah once more before I went on stage when I got a call from her.  I answered and was surprised when it wasn't her speaking.
"Hello is Mr. Sheeran there?" a man asked.
"Yes.. who is this?" I said curiously.
"I'm Doctor Grint and Savannah is in labor right now, we just got her to the hospital and she said you were the one to call," he explained.  Holy Shit.  
"I'll be there in five minutes, what room is it?" I asked running out the back door.  
"She's in room 361," he said cutting the line off.  I slipped my phone in my pocket and unlocked my door.  I didn't care if I got a speeding ticket, I just needed to be there for Savannah.  At 90 mph, I made it to the hospital and I searched for room 361.  
"Excuse me sir, are you looking for someone?" a nurse asked.  
"My ..uhm.. friend is in labor in room 361," I stated.  She smiled and guided me to the third floor to a room at the end of the hall.  I pushed open the door and there was many nurses surrounding the bed.
"Are you Ed?" a nurse said turning around.  I nodded and she gave me some scrubs.  
"Ed?" a voice croaked from the bed.
"I'm right here Savannah," I said moving towards the bed and reaching for her hand.  The nurses moved out of the room so it was just us two.  She started busting out crying and I sat next to her.
"Ed I heard them talking outside of the door and they said that it's too early," she said breathing fast.
"It'll be alright, they know what they're doing," I said cupping her face in my hands.  She closed her eyes and pain flooded onto her face.
"Are you okay?" I asked.
"I'M HAVING A CHILD RIGHT NOW IF THAT ANSWERS YOUR QUESTION," she shouted and squeezed my hand.
"Sorry," I smiled.  She opened her eyes and her eyes filled with rage.
"You suck! You did this to me! How would you like to be where I am right now?  You're lucky you're a guy," she spat.  Her heart rate monitor was speeding up and some doctors came rushing in.  I looked back at Savannah and she was passed out, like nothing happened two seconds ago.
"Sir you have to leave," one man said.
"Please let me stay," I pleaded.  He shook his head and forced me out.  The door slammed on my face and I went to go sit on the chair across the room.  I was constantly looking up to see if they opened the door, but for five hours the door remained locked.  
"ED!" Tabby exclaimed.
"How did you get here so fast?" I asked confused.
"Long story short we bribed a jet pilot to take us, where's Savannah?" she asked hugging me.
"She's in that room," I pointed, "she ranted me out about getting her pregnant then she was unconscious and the doctors kicked me out five hours ago," I explained.  Landyn and Eleanor came from around the corner and they were out of breath.  
"I-is she going to be okay?" Tabby stuttered.
"I don't know," I said covering my face so they didn't see me cry. 
"Don't worry Ed, th-they know what they're doing," she sniffled pulling me closer into the hug.  We all sat down and waited another four hours before a doctor came out.
"One of you may come in at a time, she hasn't had the child yet," he said coldly.  They all looked at me and nodded.  I slowly got up and walked in.  When I first saw Savannah, she was very vibrant and full of energy.  This person, though, was as pale as paper and she could barely keep her eyes open.  She took my presence into knowledge and smiled weakly.  I smiled back and walked closer to her.  
"How are you holding in?" I asked.
"Not very well," she said looking down.
"I'll make sure the doctors take care of you," I said holding her hand.  She smiled again and nodded.  
"Your friends want to come in," the doctor said harshly.  I planted a kiss on her forehead and walked over to the doctor.
"What's going on with her?!" I whispered so she wouldn't hear.
"It's a very rare condition when the mother is about to give birth that takes all the nutrients just to keep her heat beating," he responded.
"Is there a cure? Will she make it?" I asked trying to keep calm.
"There is a 10% survival rate.  5% that the child makes it, but even if the child were to live then it wouldn't last long, and sadly there is no cure," he said pushing me out of the room.  Tabby rushed in and the door slammed.  No.  No.  She has to make it.  How the hell did she even get this.
"What does Savannah look like?" El and Landyn asked in unison.  I looked over at them and turned back to my seat.  I sat down and they seemed confused.  I stayed silent and a few minutes later Tabby came stumbling out.  She looked at me like she had just seen a ghost, and she came running in my arms.  After what seemed like hours of crying, she finally spoke up.
"It can't end like this," she cried.
"What did he all tell you?" I managed to choke out.
"He told me that she might not make it, and the baby has a less chance of making it," she sniffled.  
"What's going on now?" Eleanor asked sitting all by herself while Landyn was in the room.  Tabby extended an arm out for Eleanor to come in the huddle and when Landyn came out, she was raged.  She punched the wall and ran down the hall.
"Landyn get the fuck back over here!" Tabby shouted, running after her.  El slowly went into the room and it felt like my life was falling apart.  My phone buzzed and I slowly took it out of my pocket.  I pressed answer and held the phone shakily.
"WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?! I'M AT YOUR STUPID ASS CONCERT AND YOU BAIL ON ME AND THOUSANDS OF OTHERS," Emma shouted.  I didn't have time for her shit.  I pressed end and slipped my phone into my back pocket.  Of course, she called back.  I let it ring to voicemail and the fifth time she called i was getting tired of it.
"Look.  I am at the hospital and I'm not up for your shit.  Fuck off," I spat and hung up.  
Eleanor soon came out of the room in tears and she sat in the chair next to me.
"They said she was too weak, they're giving her a C- section," she mumbled.
"What?!" I said straining my voice.  She nodded and I had enough.  I got up and walked in the room.  Savannah was asleep and the doctors were getting some tools ready.  
"Sir you have to leave," the doctor said pulling down his surgical mask.
"No, no I'm not leaving Savannah," I said shaking my head.  He sighed and pointed to a bench on the other side of the room.  I quickly sat down and two nurses came in and they did exactly what Eleanor said.  It was painful to watch, but after three hours a high pitched squeal entered the room.  My head shot up and I saw the doctor holding my child.

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