Be Careful What You Wish For

I'm just an average girl, my friend is a singer and so she is constantly inviting me to these A-List parties. I finally gave in.. but I think that night was a mistake. That night was when I met him.


13. Home Sweet Home



I unlocked the door with one hand and had Savannah wrapped around my other arm.  

"Get some sleep," I said guiding her to her room.  She nodded and closed her door as she went in.  I didn't fall asleep all night, and I'm sure I couldn't now if I wanted to.  I went to the kitchen and fiddled with the keys when someone called.  I picked up the phone and it was Harry.

"Hello," I said.

"Ed where the hell are you?!" he shouted.  

"I'm at Savannah's house, she's asleep right now," I replied.  With that he hung up and after about five minutes there was a knock at the door.  I turned the knob and Harry, Tabby, and Landyn were at the door.

"Is she okay?" Tabby asked.  I nodded and they came in and I sat back down at the table.  Harry took the chair next to me and the girls ran off to Savannah's room.

"Where did you find her?" he asked.

"The park," I said.  He looked at me funny and I told him everything.


The  light shined through the curtains and I squinted trying to find Ed.  Instead I saw Tabby and Landyn at the edge of my bed.

"Shut up she's awake," Tabby said turning to me.

"Where's Ed," I started.

"He's out there with Harry, Savannah what happened to your face?!" Landyn exclaimed.  I told them about everything, and their jaws were on the floor. 

"Just don't tell Ed please, I'm trying to let the red marks heal," I pleaded.  They nodded and I rushed to the bathroom, scrambling to find my makeup.  I slipped off my shirt and I heard a gasp coming from behind me.

"Savannah, your back is totally red!" Tabby said examining my back.

"Shhh just give it a week and it will be gone," I said covering her mouth.  If Ed knew what Ron had done to me he would have tracked him down and ended up in jail again.  

"Savannah please at least let me go to the store and get you some aloe Vera or something," she whined.  

"Fine, but don't tell the guys anything," I groaned.  She nodded and I slipped on one of my pullovers and applied some makeup over the red streaks.  After about ten minutes I was done and I went to the kitchen.  

"Hey Savannah," Harry said drinking his coffee.

"Where's Ed?" I asked scanning the room for him.

"Secret," he smiled.

"Come on at least give me a hint," I groaned.

"Alright, don't tell Ed but he's getting you some tacky lovey dovey stuff," he said laughing.

"I heard that," Landyn said walking into the room, "and I'm going to tell him one of his best mates broke one of his promises."

"I don't think so," he said grabbing her by her waist and putting her over his shoulder.


"I'm too tired to save you," I said waving goodbye to her as Harry took her to my bedroom.


The door opened and Ed appeared with something behind his back.
"Ed!" I said running into a hug.  

"I got you something," he said slipping his arms away and giving me a large teddy bear.

"Thanks, I love it" I said blushing.  

"Wanna watch some tv?" he asked.  I nodded and plopped down on the couch with Ed's arms wrapped around my stomach.  I heard some moaning coming from my room and I facepalmed.

"DO IT AT YOUR OWN HOUSE HARRY," I shouted.  Laughter came from the room and I nearly cracked up. 

"Do I even want to know?" Ed asked.

"No," I laughed and laid my head on his chest.  I was falling asleep when his phone rang.  I tried to ignore it, getting back to sleeping.  He quickly shifted and answered.

"Hello?" he said quietly.  His hand rested on my back and he was rubbing his thumb in circles.
"No I can't right now...Fine," he said and quickly hung up.  "Love, wake up," he whispered in my ear.  I opened my eyes and looked over at him.

"I've got to go for a bit but I promise I'll be back at 5," he said kissing my cheek and getting up.

"So you're going to leave me with two maniacs having sex in my room?" I asked.  

"You could always go in there and dogpile on them," he laughed slipping on his coat.

"Are you crazy? Landyn would kill me!" I explained.

"Bye love," he said walking out the door.  He closed the door and I immediately got up, going to my bedroom door.  My bedroom has a bathroom in it, and the guest bathroom is basically a storage and I had to pee.  I opened the door and they were still at it.  It's not like I haven't walked in on them before.  The first time it was at Harry's house and I was lost so I just started opening random doors.

"You guys should just go to a hotel or something to do your business, I love you and all but I don't feel like cleaning my sheets every time you guys are over," I said going into my bathroom.

"Would you rather us do it on the couch?" Landyn asked.

"I'd rather you do it at the North Pole," I laughed.  I quickly got out of my room and Tabby was just getting back.

"Where is everyone?" she asked looking around. 

"Ed had to go somewhere and Landyn and Harry are in my room," I replied.

"WOOO YOU GO GET SOME LANDYN," Tabby shouted in the direction of my room.  I laughed and helped her with the bags.

"Did you get the cream?" I asked looking through all the bags.

"Yeah, but if it gets worse don't hesitate asking me to drive you over to the emergency room," she said putting away some milk.

"Ok mom geez," I said sarcastically.

I know.. not really a cliff hanger ending :/ but just wait :D

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