Be Careful What You Wish For

I'm just an average girl, my friend is a singer and so she is constantly inviting me to these A-List parties. I finally gave in.. but I think that night was a mistake. That night was when I met him.


14. 2 Months Later


It had been  a little over 2 months since Ed and I had been dating, and everything had been going perfect so far.  Niall finally proposed to Tabby, Ed was getting ready to go back on tour, and Landyn and Harry finally stopped having sex in my room.

  It was a Saturday, and I had nothing good to do today.  Ed was running his usual errands, and I was home alone. I got up and looked for something to eat.  There was only some frozen shrimp, so I just winged making it and started eating it.

"Savannah open up!" Tabby said knocking on my door.  I jumped a little then jerked open the door.

"What?" I asked.  

"I'm going to Paris!" she squealed.

"Did you get my ticket?" I added in sarcastically. 

"Since the boys are going back on tour soon Niall wants to make the time last," she said sitting down at the table.

"Well I'm glad your happy," I said popping some more shrimp in my mouth.  She kept going on about all the places to go in Paris and I was zoning in and out.  Without thinking, I stammered to the bathroom and had my head over the toilet.

"Savannah are you alright?" Tabby said running into the bathroom.

"It was the shrimp," I sighed and tried to get up.  

"I'll go pick up some McDonalds, just stay here and get some rest," she said helping me up and running out the door.  I struggled to get to the couch and I saw Ed's phone blow up in text messages.  He must of left his phone here again.

From: Georgia
When are you coming over? :(

I miss you;(

Can't wait till you get here naughty boy ;) 

I couldn't believe this.  Wasn't Georgia his ex? I threw his phone to the ground and some tears trickled down my cheek.  I fell asleep to the ringing of his phone.  I didn't want to have this happen now.

I woke up to Tabby and Landyn shaking me.
"Wake upppp," Landyn said sitting on me.

"Get offff," I said in the same tone.  I sat up, trying to wipe off the dried tears.

"Are you alright?" Tabby asked handing me a burger.  I huffed and told them everything.  It's not like I had anything to hide

"I'm so sorry," Tabby said hugging me.  

"I-I need to get away for a while," I said wiping away some tears.

"Where do you wanna go?" Landyn asked.

"We could all go to Paris, I'm sure Niall wouldn't mind," Tabby said energetically.  

"Let's do it!" Landyn replied.

"Alright so what will I do when Ed gets here? It's not like I can just disappear," I said smiling now.


"I could talk to him," Tabby said with an evil smile.

"Go for it," I laughed.  I got up ,still feeling sick, and got a bag out of my closet.  I stuffed my essentials in there and went to my bathroom.  Toothbrush, Makeup, Razors.  I couldn't bring any liquids because of the stupid airplane rule.  I took my bag to the living room and the girls were still there.

"I need to get my things and Tabby will call Niall and everything will be perfect," Landyn chimed.  

"Are you ready for Paris?" Tabby asked me.

"You bet," I laughed.  We went to the car and drove to Landyn's flat.  We waited on Landyn about 20 minutes and my phone rang.  Ed.

"Lemme see that," Tabby said grabbing the phone out of my hand.

"Listen, if you want to date Savannah you gotta be devoted to her and only her.  There is no booty calls from your ex's and no cheating....- no," she said hanging up.

"Damn Tabby," I laughed.

"He gets what he deserves," she said smiling.  Landyn soon came back out with a bag full of things.  

"I'll call Niall real quick," Tabby said giving me back my phone and taking hers out.  There was numerous text from Ed saying he was sorry.  I sighed.  I hadn't even given him a chance to explain.

To: Ed
Explain then why Georgia was sexting you

I set down my phone and I didn't realize Niall came in the car.
"Are you alright?" he asked sitting next to me in the back seat.  I shook my head and he pulled me into his chest.  I needed to get my mind off Ed.  

"Savannah, you've got an advantage really," Landyn said turning around from the passenger seat.
"How?" I said looking at her.

"If there's any cute boys there you got them all to yourself, me and Tabby can't do anything about it," she said.  I smiled.  I didn't know how me and Ed were in this relationship right now but I surely didn't want him right now.  Since the airport was about 10 minutes away from Niall's house, we were already at the airport.  I got my bag and started walking towards the elevator with everyone else.  Within an hour, I was boarding the plane.  Here goes nothing.

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