Be Careful What You Wish For

I'm just an average girl, my friend is a singer and so she is constantly inviting me to these A-List parties. I finally gave in.. but I think that night was a mistake. That night was when I met him.


18. 11:11


"It's a girl, me and Niall went to see today after you left," I said looking at  him.  He looked pale white, and I tried waving my hand in front of him to get his attention.  
"I-I'm sorry, I just-," he stuttered.  He pulled me closer and I was curling my hands around his shirt.  
"I'm sorry I left you like that," he said and I felt some tears hit my head. 
"It's alright, your here now, right?" I said trying to cheer him up.  
"So what should we name the munchkin," he said poking at my belly.
"I don't know, let Tabby and Niall choose for all I care," I laughed.
"I have a name in mind," he said sitting down.
"Go for it," I said sitting with him on the floor.
"Bodie Faith Sheeran," he said playing with my hair.
"But I'm not a Sheeran dummy," I said setting my head on his lap.
"Not yet," he smiled.


"Stop stressing," Tabby said coming behind me and rubbing my shoulders.  
"I just need to know if Ed is gonna whimp out or be a man to Savannah," I said laying on the bed.
"Do you think he would be living if he hurt her again?" she laughed and came over to me.  
"I think your name would flow better if it was Tabitha Mary Horan," I said pulling her over to me.  She laughed and we kissed for a second, and she pulled back with tears in her eyes.
"Are you alright?" I asked holding her face with one of my hands.
"Niall I think I'm pregnant," she said.  I was stunned for a second.
"Are you sure?" I asked sitting up now.
She shook her head.  "I've been hearing some of the same symptoms Savannah's been through and it's exactly the same for me."
"That's amazing!" I said hugging her.  


We went back inside Landyn and my room and  Landyn was crashed on her bed.  I was tired also, so I crawled into my bed and Ed soon crawled in after.
"Goodnight love," he said breathlessly. 
"Night," I mumbled.  


"Savannah I swear if you do not wake up," someone whispered in my ear.  I rolled over and opened my eyes.  To my surprise, it was Tabby.  She looked shooken up and she dragged me outside the room.
"What the hell," I said rubbing my eyes.
"Savannah, I gotta tell you something," she said frantically.
"What is it," I asked sleepily.
"I think I'm pregnant," she said looking at the floor.
"Are you serious?"  I asked looking at her.
"Mhm," she mumbled. 
"Tabby are you alright? You seem a little-," I said before she cut me off.
"I don't want a baby yet," she cried. 
"Does Niall know?" I asked.
"Yeah, but he's so happy about it.. I just don't want to drop the bomb on him that I'm not ready," she sniffled. 
"He'll understand," I assured her.  I checked my phone.  11:11. 
"Cmon," I said dragging her to the hallway balcony.
"What now,"she groaned.
"Make a wish," I said showing her the time.  We both closed our eyes and I'm not that big of a 11:11 wisher but tonight was different.  I wanted to protect my baby no matter what.  We both opened our eyes and we headed back to the room.
"Wanna crash with us tonight?" I asked.
"There's no room though," she whined.
"I can always push Ed out if bed," I laughed.  I opened the door slowly and Landyn wasn't in there.  She must of been with Harry.  Naughty children.
"Looks like Landyn's bed is free tonight," I whispered.  She nodded and I slipped back into my bed, Ed still asleep.  


"Wake up," whispered a voice in my ear.  My eyes opened and I looked up.  It was Ed, of course.  He kissed me on the lips and pushed some of my hair back.  As soon as I went to put my arms around his neck, he jumped out of bed.
"Fucking tease," I laughed.  He smirked and covered his bare skin with one of his green t shirts, and he ruffled his hair up.
"I think we should go somewhere today," he said thinking out loud.
"And where would it be?" I asked, leaving no sign I was leaving the bed.
"Anywhere, you pick," he said.  
"Anywhere?" I said with a devilish smile.
".. I'm beginning to regret this already," he said with a fake worried look on his face.

~10 hours later~

"But I can't dance worth shit!" Ed protested.
"Well then I'll teach you," I giggled as we walked to a club.  My hand intertwined with his and my head was on his shoulder.  We were almost at the club and since this might be my last night of freedom, I wanted to make the most out of it.  Ed opened the door and it was very dark.  His hand guided me to follow him and the dance floor was the only light that illuminated his face.  "Low" by Flo Rida  was on and I couldn't help myself and the next second I'm in the middle of the dance floor.


One second I was guiding Savannah through the club and the next she's gone.  
"Savannah?" I said tapping a woman's shoulder.  She turned around and she was a teenager, maybe 19.
"Sorry," I mumbled.  
"ED GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE," shouted a voice from the dance floor.  I quickly went in that direction and found Savannah.
"I'm not dancing," I firmly stated.
"Pleasee," she said wrapping her arms around my neck.
"Fine," I huffed.

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