I've Always Loved You

Allie an 18 year old girl, just about to graduate high school who will soon realize who she truly loves, it turns out its been a person she has known her whole life. Find out who it is in, I've Aways Loved You.


1. Moving On

 I ran into my room crying, feeling warm tears stream down my face as I rammed my face into my pillow. Josh just broke up with me after a 2 year relationship. We had been together since 9th grade I didnt do anything to deserve this. How could he. The moment the words I'm breaking up with you poured out of his mouth i ran away in hock and embarrassment. I felt Josh try to pull me back by my arm but i wouldnt stay i kept running. Now i was sitting in my bedroom crying into my pillow over a guy i truly loved i guess he just wasnt worth it. If he wanted me he wouldnt of broke up with me but he did. I just didnt understand. I stripped my clothes and hopped in the shower hoping it would hide my tears. But it just made it worse. I could still feel the tears drip down my face on by one mixing with the warm water coming from the shower head. I got out and dried off putting my Victoria Secret Pink pajamas on. I grabbed my phone got on twitter and tweeted, " Moving on too a new chapter in my life." 


*Josh POV*

God Allie is so annoying I'm so glad i broke up with her i spent 2 years of my life with that bitch. I opened my phone to twitter and saw what she tweeted about a " new chapter in her life" god when was she going to realize nobody will ever like her i tweeted then " Done with bitches like her.... #singleflow." i pressed enter. 


*Allie's POV*

That stupid douche bag i thought as i read his tweet im a bitch i dont think so but that really hurt me deep down inside as i thought our realationship probaly means nothing to him now. it was about 9 11 oclock at night now. i had decided to go get some coffee and something to eat in town i walked because it was only about a mile away. as i walked one step at a time thinking about josh i felt a burst inside me like my heart wanted to scream. but instead i let out tears again. this time they didnt stream down my face they just fell one tear at a time falling out of both eyes. then i started to day dream about all of the fun times josh and i had he was always there for me when i needed him

*day dream*

i ran up to josh hugging him tightly after he returned from his army training camp it felt like forever since i had seen him last. he leaned down and placed a firm kiss on my ups. i felt wanted and warm, almost like it was just me and him in the airport. He lifted me off my feet twirling me around. my dress flowing in the air. he placed me back on my feet and whispered in my ear, " I love you and i will never let you go."

"HONK!' i heard that brought me back to reality. i was in the middle of the street. i ran the rest of the way until i reached Joe's the local corner store. I bought a sweet tea and a bag of cheetoe puffs. My tears were now damp on my face as i went to check out. I walked out of the store not reaizing how late it was i started walikng home when a car pulled up next to me...

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