Out In Night (1D vamp & wolf fic)

Trinity, Brittani, Lucy, Amy, and Jazmin are the best people you will ever meet. Except they all hide a deep dark secret only them and their families know. They live like normal people, but there's a twist. They are Vampires and Werewolves. When the girls transfer to a new academy and meet Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam will the boys accept them for who they are or leave them? Read my novel-thingy to find out! Xx


2. Who Dat Boyy?? (Lmfaoo)


Brittani’s POV:

Yay! I share a dorm with Jazz!  Yay!!!  Thinking of Jazz... where is my little vamp?  I call her but there’s a busy signal.  (Insert sigh here).  “I got the moves like Jagger..” my phone rings. It’s the ring for Jazmin.  ‘Hii, emergency get the girls now.  Amy didn’t answer her cell.  bring the girls and u 2 the b-room now!’ Jazz just texted.  ‘k-k’ I text back.  I knock on everyones door mid-pack.  They race to the lou with me.  When we get there it’s vacant except the bright red wedges that belong to Jazmin.  “Girls.  We have a problem.  I went to check my contacts and they fell out so I ran to the stall to put them in and someone accused me of keeping a secret and they already know the secret.  I don’t know who it is.  They already left before I got out of the stall!” Jazmin panicked.  Her fangs came out, her skin turned pale she broke down.  She had a vampire attack.  Like a panic attack but for vampires.  It happens a lot to her.  I run out side into a nearby woods and get some cold dead meat from a bird that was on the ground.  I race back and become a human again.  “Here, bite into this.” I say handing it to Jazz. Blood drips down her face.  She wipes it off and is back to her semi-human self.    None of us attack people we go for the animals.  Lucy takes the bird and tosses it in the trash.  Suddenly, Faith walks in, wearing the SAME EXACT sneakers as the voice.  Or at least that’s what Jazz told me.  “Hey Faith, why do you need to go to the bathroom twice?” Amy asked.  “Huh? What are you talking about?” Faith innocently asked with a devious smile put on her face.  “I hope you find who you’re looking for.  Toodles!” Faith said.  “Woah, hold on, how’d y’all know we’re lookin for someone?” Lucy said blocking the doorway.  “Uh... Umm.. just a guess. haha” Faith faked a smile and lied.  She pushed past Lucy and ran out.  “How about we go to Starbucks with Niall? Forget this ever happened?” Lucy suggested.  “Sure” we all said in unison then giggled.  Thank god Donnie dropped off the Mercedes otherwise we won’t have a car.  We all drove to Starbucks ordered our drinks and then I stopped in my tracks.  I saw.....


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