Out In Night (1D vamp & wolf fic)

Trinity, Brittani, Lucy, Amy, and Jazmin are the best people you will ever meet. Except they all hide a deep dark secret only them and their families know. They live like normal people, but there's a twist. They are Vampires and Werewolves. When the girls transfer to a new academy and meet Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam will the boys accept them for who they are or leave them? Read my novel-thingy to find out! Xx


3. Trouble


Lucy’s POV:

“Hey Hun, we’re goin to Starbucks, wanna meet up with the girls and I? Call me back! MUAH! Ta-Ta!” I left a voicemail inviting Niall to come to Starbucks and meet us.  I walk in and he’s already there, with his friends he calls the boys.  Woah, it smells like wet dog.  Gross!  Ew. Does Nialls friends know how to clean themselves?  Amy and Brittani do, so why can’t they?  Fake a smile I tell the girls.  “Howdy!, I’m Lucy.  Niall’s girlfriend.  Whom are you?” I ask shaking each one of their hands.  “I’m Zayn.” the vampire speaks up in black speaks up.  “How do you not get caught?” Trinity asks a little too loud causing everyone to look up at her.  “Uh.. you know?” curly boy asks.  “Well..... of coarse...we are ‘like’ you.  V and W” Brittani says.  “anyways, boys meet Brittani, werewolf, she’s the brunette with the pink shirt.  Trinity, vampire, she’s the blonde haired one in the blue shirt.  Amy, werewolf, she has black hair pink, red, blue, and green streaks and the black shirt with grey jeans.  Jazmin, vampire, call her Jazz and she’s the one with the nose and eyebrow piercings, blue shirt that shows her hip dermal’s and leather black hot-pants. And I’m Lucy, vampire, with the light brown hair, green tank top and white jeans.”  I say. “I’m Harry the curly vampire. That’s Zayn the bad-boy vampire.  Liam’s over there he’s the smart werewolf.  Louis’s right there he’s the funny werewolf.  And Niall is the hungry, blonde human.” Harry tells us.  After we finish our coffees and lattes, we go to Brittani and Jazmin’s dorm to watch old horror movies.  


Brittani’s POV:

I woke up at 1:02a.m. something woke me up.  It wasn’t any of my friends or the boys.  Something outside.  But not an animal, something else.  I looked out the window, pulling back the curtain the moon drew me in.  I felt my claws, then the hair and my face morphing into something else.  A wolf.  Mind you, I love being a werewolf, it’s great and all, but Amy and I aren’t the same, she turns into a wolf whenever,  I on the other hand, only do it on accident.  I can’t control turning into a wolf, but every other werewolf I know can.  My family, Amy, probably Louis, and Liam, and even David, Amy’s crazy-ass ex-boyfriend who stalked her for a month.  I don’t know why.  I look to my right then left.  Amy and Zayn are cuddling on the floor.  I would hate to awake her but it’s a full moon and she loves going out to the woods during then.  Outside drunk kids are pulling ragers and partying.  How will me and possibly Amy get past them?  I whine waking up everyone accidentally.  I hurt my paw stepping on my earring.  Louis and Liam looked outside and Bam! They became a wolf also, so did Amy.  Amy ran outside with Louis and Liam.  I stayed behind.  I guess they have a special bond I don’t have with them.  I went under the couch and stayed there till the morning.  I’ve always been smaller than the other wolves so I was always excluded in hunts, and playing, and training.  I had a small stuffed animal that I used to hold and cry into when I was little and felt excluded.  I probably should’ve brought it with me.  Trinity and Jazz went up to me but I blocked them out.  I woke up the next morning as a person, got changed and left for my first class: algebra.  Lucky me.  I came in and everyone was already there and working.  Great late on the first day.  “Mrs.Were is it?” the professor asked me.  “Yes, sorry for being late.” I apologized. “Well, I shall forgive you and we will talk about that during detention.  You may now take your seat.” Mrs. Eleneda told me.  I found an open seat next to a girl with red hair.  “Oh no.  You can’t sit there.  The back is where students with an A+ average sit.  Your average is B- please take a seat in front.” She contradicted me.  Embarrassed, I picked up my stuff and carried it to the second row.  As Mrs.Eleneda continued her speech on how this class will be run, and homework, and detention and what we’ll be learning this year.  I payed no attention at all though, math has never been my thing I’m more of a science type of girl.  “Mrs.Were! Mrs.Were! pick your head up right now!” Oh god. I thought.  Looking up her piercing black eyes stared deep into my soul.  Something’s up with her.... if I could just put my paw on it.


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