Out In Night (1D vamp & wolf fic)

Trinity, Brittani, Lucy, Amy, and Jazmin are the best people you will ever meet. Except they all hide a deep dark secret only them and their families know. They live like normal people, but there's a twist. They are Vampires and Werewolves. When the girls transfer to a new academy and meet Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam will the boys accept them for who they are or leave them? Read my novel-thingy to find out! Xx


4. The Fight


Amy’s POV:


I woke up and put on my clothes.  Last night was great!  Liam’s a really cool dude.  Like one of the girls.  I feel pretty bad for that Brittani though,  I didn’t see her outside.  Such a shame.  She walked in late to algebra late, and Mrs.Eleneda embarrassed her too.  I don’t think she even noticed me.  Ah.  Such a shame.  I have gym next with Zayn, Niall and Harry.  Maybe I’ll skip considering it’s 4th period and I have lunch next period I’ll work up a sweat to get hungry.  I raced outside and hit Trinity.  “Gym?” Trinity asked. “yea, you skipping also” I asked.  “Totes.” she asked.  Me and Trinity aren’t the best of buds so we fight often, like sisters.  We started fighting over something really stupid.  “Dog!” Trinity screamed.  “Bat!” I retaliated. “Uh! Whatever! Bye!” Trinity screamed storming off.  I can’t believe her.  I can’t even express my disgust for those type of girls.  I have a feeling this is a war that won’t just ‘blow’ over, like they usually do...





Trinity’s POV:

Oh my god! I hit up Lucy, and Jazmin.  I hate Amy right now.  This is the time I need my best vamps, Jazz and Lucy.  They can’t believe what they’re hearing when I tell them what happened.  We go for a hunt and see Faith and some boy talking then they turn into wolves and run off!  Wait, that means Faith is a (insert gasp here)..... a werewolf.  “Shhh....” Lucy whispers creeping closer to Faith and the boy.  “That’s David.” Jazmin says.  “How can you tell?” I ask “Well, Trinity, recall the time I tried to chop off David’s tail and only a piece is missing now?” Jazz clarified pointing to his tail.  “oh..” I mumbled.  “Faith, come on lets go to your dorm and get the stuff.” David tells Faith.  Gosh I wish we could ask Amy to watch out for her.  But vamps stick together no matter what. They suddenly turned around and we ran to hide behind a tree. “Whew, that was close!” Lucy said relieved.  “Come on, we’re late for lunch.” Jazz said.  “Yea.” me and Lucy agreed.  We walked into the lunch room.  Of coarse first day of new academy and Katrina already has a group of freshman’s following her.  “Oh no, can I have hors d’oeuvres instead?” I asked the lunch server.  She instead plopped the taco on the tray and spilled some green beans on it.  “Oh okay.” I smiled and walked away.  “Gross what is this?” Jazmin asked.  “Squirrel, you should know you hunt them” Faith comments, walking past out table.  “You have something to say, say it to my face!” Jazmin screams causing everyone in the lunch room to stare at us.  “Chick Fight!  Take off your shirt!” screams a freshman.  Lucy turns around showing her teeth and hisses.  “dude? what the hell?” Louis asks.  I didn’t know I had lunch with him.  He is kinda cute.  He pulls me and Jazmin’s arm with Lucy following and pulls us into the hall.  “Lucy, what the heck?  You can’t show your *cough*fangs*cough* around!” Louis dictates.  “Sorry” Lucy admits.  “Listen, I was in a fight with Amy and we’re all kinda on edge” I confess. “Really? Amy never seemed the catty type” Louis states.  “yea. well....” I mumble.  “I know something that can make you happy.”  Louis paused, “a hunt!” he finished. “Really?” I say pumped.  “yea! Go down an empty alleyway, find a bum or two and sink our teeth into his neck.  Ahh... I can already imagine it makes me hungry.  You up?” Louis stomach grumbled.  “Umm.... I eat animals not people...” I shot him down.  “Oh. okay.” Louis said bummed.  “But, hey! There’s a first time for everything right!” I said hoping to bring his spirits up. “Great.  Let’s go now.” Louis said.  “Excuse me do you mind if I borrow Trinity for a moment?” Jazmin asked Lou.  “Go ahead.” Louis gestured his hand pointing over there.  Jazmin and Lucy pulled me by the arm over to  the end of the hall.  “Aren’t you so happy for me scoring a date with Louis?” I ask “Hahaha well yea, problem.  You don’t eat people we eat animals. ‘member?” Lucy asked.  “Of course but I’ll try something new.  It’s something about Louis that makes me just want to... I don’t know, I feel so alive with him!” I say defending me and Louis. “I know we just met the guy and all but, I think he’s a bad influence for you.” Lucy confesses what she thinks.  “Well, Niall’s a bad influence for you.” I shoot back.  “Whatever, just watch out for him” Jazmin begs. “Okay Jazz, okay Lucy.” I say defeated.  What if I get addicted to human blood? I worry about that, I’ve heard stories about vampires who get addicted and can’t stop.  But that’s what vampires do, right? I don’t know anymore.  I worry about things like that on the ride with Louis to the city streets.




Amy’s POV:

I can’t believe Trinity!  She is so annoying!  I go out for a run and see Zayn.  I tell him everything that happened and  I break down.  I just start crying and bawling.  Hot tears streaming down my face.  I can’t take it anymore.  Just then Faith comes in and starts acting real sly.  With that smug grin on her face.  She searches through her draws and can’t find what she’s looking for.  “Hey, Faith!  What are you looking for?” I say suspicious.  “NOTHING!” Faith screams.  “You okay?” I ask.  “Yes.  what is this 20 questions” Faith says nastily.  “okay.....” I say.  Zayn just sits there watching this all happen.  “Hey, lets go for a hunt.  You a deep dark alleyway in the city where a bum lies.” Zayn anticipates.  “Umm. I only hunt animals but I’ll try hunting people” I say.  “Great, lets go now.” Zayn says taking my hand and running outside.  We are walking down the black alleyway and I see someone moving.  No, it’s two people.  No, it three people.  What are they doing?  Two are moving the third.  “Hey, stay right here.  I think I see something...” I say touching Zayn’s chest and slowly moving forward.  “Hello?”. Silence.  “Who’s there”. Silence.  I take a step and a puddle splashes my shoes.  I move forward.  The two figures are gone and now there’s just one lying sitting up against the brick wall.  I look at the man because the sun is shining only in that spot.  I touch his hand, cold.  He has no pulse.  I instantly knew who was here.  Vampires.




A/N :So what vampires are there?  Who's side are you on?, Vampires with, Trinity, Lucy, Jazmin, Harry, Louis and Zayn, or werewolves with,  Amy, Brittani, Faith, and Liam?  XOXO!

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