Out In Night (1D vamp & wolf fic)

Trinity, Brittani, Lucy, Amy, and Jazmin are the best people you will ever meet. Except they all hide a deep dark secret only them and their families know. They live like normal people, but there's a twist. They are Vampires and Werewolves. When the girls transfer to a new academy and meet Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam will the boys accept them for who they are or leave them? Read my novel-thingy to find out! Xx


6. Such A Good Friend...

Trinity’s POV:
“Excuse? Hello!”a young man said to me as I was in deep thought staring at what I thought looked like a butchered cow, “Hi.  I’m Trinity!” I put my hand out signaling a shake but instead the man high five me!  “So what do you thing about this piece?”   “I think it looks like a chopped cow.” I giggled, “Me too! I was just thinking that!” he smiled in agreement.  “Excuse ma’am, may I borrow the artist of this painting, Jaques Frontè.  He is a famous artist you know?” a woman who like Eiffie Trinket.  “Uh-yea sure...” she dragged him away but he looked over his shoulders and whispered, “It really is a murdered cow.  Only the great know that.”  ‘OMG! I just met Jaques Frontè!” I  texted Jazmin, “Ja-who?” Jazmin asked.  “Jaques  Frontè! Remember that painting I got you last year of the vampire in the trees?” I wrote back, “OMG! I loved that!” I heard her shriek.  “Excuse me, no phones are allowed here.  I must ask you to exit the gallery.”  I left rolling my eyes behind her back.  “Trinity Piers” I walked up to get my latte, “Trinity!  Oh my god! How are you!” Faith tapped my shoulder, “What are you doing here?” I said not meaning to be nasty.  “I’m getting a coffee silly fang!” Faith fired, “Cool...I’m gonna go now....” I awkwardly left and ride my motorcycle to the campus (Donnie dropped it off) “I huh can’t huh breathe huh some huh one huh was in huh my room huh!” Jazz ran up to me clinging my collar.  “Tell me what happened.” I sat on a nearby bench, “I was changing during free-period and all lot of hellva happened!” Jazz breathed heavily.  “Come on lets go back in there.” I touched her shoulder.  “Where are we going?” Harry popped up, “To Jazz’s dorm.” I played.  “Oo! Are we watching a movie?”Louis jumped, “We’re watching a movie!” Niall smiled.  “Can we watch Toy Story?” Liam sprang, “No,Fight Club!  The first rule is you never talk about fight club.” Zayn said faking an american accent.  “Ha ha ha ha!” Jazz and I laughed, “So what movie are we watching?” Harry asked.  “21 Jump-street!” Niall suggested, “Great I can invite my crush!  She’s beautiful.” Harry dazed.  “And I can invite that girl from science!” Liam smiled, “Her name is Faith.” Liam and Harry looked at each other as me and Jazz panicked.  

Harry’s POV:
I can’t believe Liam stole my girl!  I’m gonna call Faith right now and make sure her and Liam aren’t dating!  Boop beep beep beep boop boop boop.... “Hello? Faith?” I asked in hopes of her not giving me a fake number, “Harry! Oh my gee! What’s up?” Faith squealed.  “Nothing much, uh me and a few friends are watching movies and I um wanted to know if that you wanted to come with me?” I asked.  “Sure! See you at six!” Faith hung up, how did she know that’s the time we planned?  Ah what ever.  “Great. I got her first.  Ha!” I showed off.  “It’s not like I even care.” Liam shrugged.  “It’s five now.  Let’s get in our jammies and slippies so we can watch movies.” Jazz clapped and walked off towards the girl’s building, Trinity following close behind.  “See ya’ later.” Niall walked off and we all followed.  

Amy’s POV:
“Hey Zayn!  What’s up?”     I answered my android.  “Won’t you like to join me during a movie at Jazmin’s dorm?” Zayn sang.  “Umm...I have something else to do.  But I think I can bump it till tomorrow.” I smiled.  “Great! Then, it’s a.- I’m sorry, you have lost signal.  Please try again later.  Thank you, goodbye.” An operator broke the conversation.  “Ugh!” I screamed in frustration.  “It’s okay.  Those bitches are gonna get what they deserve.” Faith calmed me.  “Here take this chip.  It’ll record what they say, and what they do.” Faith handed me a small black plastic chip and I attached it to my purse.  “God. I can’t wait to find out their secrets.” Katrina stood.  “I have a secret.” I turned back around facing the others, “Trinity.  Trinity once cheated on her boyfriend with Jazmin’s brother.  Jazmin.  She once experimented with a girl.  Lucy.  Her parents abandoned her after she got into seventh grade.  Brittani.  She is dating Mr. Carns.” Faith smiled and looked over to David.  “Come here babe.” David stepped forth to me and kissed me passionately and slowly.  “Guys!  We need to get those bitches.  Remember when Brittani fought with you and eventually beat you up? Don’t you wanna get her back?  Well, now’s your chance!” Faith brought attention to us.  “Go on.  Show up at Brittani’s door early.  Talk to her about Mr Carns.” Faith pushed me out the door.  I walked up to Brittani’s door.  Hesitantly, I knocked on the door.  Why am I doing this to my friends?  “Be there in a sec!” Brittani called.  “It’s Amy.” I said sternly.  “Oh.   Hey Amy!” Brittani opened the door, “How’s Mr. Carns?” I asked turning on the microphone.  “He’s....okay, I guess.  I know it’s like, against the law to date him.  But, he’s perfect.  Even though he has kid, Jacob.  He still looks 20!”  she whispered to me.  “Really?” I asked.  “Yea Jacob is seven, he likes cars.” she enlightened me.  “Great.  I need to go.” I left without letting her talk again.  “You got it all?” I asked Faith, “Yes. David, convert it into an electronic voice and threaten, Michael Carns.” Faith instructed David.  “Hello, Michael.  How’s Brittani? You would know, considering you’re around her so much.” the computer generated voice rang through the speakers.  “Who is this?” Mr. Carns demanded.  David hung up saying, “Wouldn’t want your affairs with a student to spread.”  “It’s seven, you should start going over to the dorm.” David shoved me outside again.

Brittani’s POV:
“Hey Michael!  What’s up?” I asked looking at the caller id.  “Brittani, I think we should go our separate ways.” Michael said tense.  “What?” I asked in shocked.  “I’m breaking up with you.  It’s not working out.  I’m sorry.” Michael hung up leaving me with one too many questions unanswered.  What did I do wrong? Was I too pushy, or immature?  He told me he loved me.  Amy came over to talk.  “Britt! Why are you so sad?” Amy asked concerned.  “Mi-Michael broke up with me.” I blew my nose.  “Did he say why?” Amy wondered.  “No. I have no closure what so ever.” I sobbed, feeling my lips quiver.  “I loved him!  What did I do wrong?” I burst.  “You didn’t do anything wrong.  What are you gonna do at school tomorrow?” Amy held me tight.  “I... I don’t think I’m gonna be able to go.” I tasted the salty tears blend with my tongue.  Amy looked at her watch, “Movie night is in a few minuets.  Did you get a call from Jazmin?”   “Yea, I got the call.  I’m gonna go get ready.” a few tears crossed my nose.  “Thanks for reminding me.” I showed Amy the door.  ‘I’m so lucky to have such a good friend like her.  Most of my old friends used to backstab me, Amy’d never do that.’  I thought to myself.  


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