Out In Night (1D vamp & wolf fic)

Trinity, Brittani, Lucy, Amy, and Jazmin are the best people you will ever meet. Except they all hide a deep dark secret only them and their families know. They live like normal people, but there's a twist. They are Vampires and Werewolves. When the girls transfer to a new academy and meet Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam will the boys accept them for who they are or leave them? Read my novel-thingy to find out! Xx


7. Faith...

Brittani’s POV:
I sighed satisfied with the waterproof makeup I put on.  “Hey!  I’m here.” I faked a cheery voice as I knocked on the door.  “Come on in!” Niall invited.  “So, what will be watching this evening?” I asked sitting on a beanbag chair.  “Wanna watch... 21 Jump-Street?” Amy asked.  “No, let’s watch He’s Just Not That Into You.” Lucy argued.  “Yea!” everyone agreed.  We began watching it.  Slowly, tears shed.  “What’s wrong Brittani?” Trinity leaned toward embracing me in a hug.  “Her boyfriend broke up with her!” Amy laughed.  “Snarky much?” Trinity glared in Amy’s direction.  “You think that’s funny?” I asked disgusted with what she just said.  “No.  Actually, yeah .  It is funny.  You’re the girl everyone wants, the girl everyone gets.  And you have the balls to cry over a teacher.  A TEACHER, Brittani! You’re english teacher.  Do you know that’s illegal?  Do you know you’re the ‘schools slut’?  I wasn’t gonna tell you.  You go out with everyone.  Everywhere.  Are you seriously crying over a fucking teacher? Did you cry over any of those other boys?  The boys whom you broke their hearts?  No, no you didn’t and you will never be sorry.  Ever.  You don’t care at all.  You heartless slut.” Amy spoke with anger full of hatred.  “You aren’t the old Amy.  Not the one I used to know.” I wiped away a few tears.  “I’ve changed a lot.  I’m not the old Amy.  I’m Amy 2.0” she smiled.  “And honestly, I’ve never like you or Trinity.  You’re both selfish bitches.  Ever since we were little.  You two have always been greedy.  I’ve been holding this inside for too long.” her smirk transformed into a monstrous laugh.  “Get out!  Get out now!  I fucking hate you!  Get out of here!” Jazmin screeched.  “Fine, I never even wanted to go.  I just came here for Zayn.” she composed herself and came onto Zayn.  “She’s calling me the slut?  Look at her giving a lap dance on Zayn.” I whispered to Lucy.  “Goodbye.” I showed Amy the door.  Just then us girls all got a text from a blocked number.  “What’s the matter? Can’t stand the heat get out of the dorm.” I can say that we we’re all freaked the heck out.  I bet Faith sent that.  I wouldn’t be surprised.  That girl has been creepy since day one.  “What was that about?” Niall asked after a long silence.  “I don’t know.  She’s never acted like that.” Jazmin shrugged.  “I have seen her hanging out with Faith and Katrina lately.  Maybe she’s becoming a toxin.” Trinity giggled.  “Toxin?” Louis asked confused.  “Toxic is when we’re either mean girls or creeps hang out with a normal person.  A toxin, is the person hanging out with the mean girl or creep.” I explained.  “Amy is the toxin and Faith is toxic.” Lucy exemplified.  “But, Faith isn’t a mean girl.” Harry pointed out.  “You’re right, Harry.  Finally catching on.  Faith is a complete freakozoid.  She pretends to be people.  Literally, on the first day of academy she showed up wearing the same outfit as me.  Like, who does that?” Jazz raised her eyebrows.  “She’s coming over in a few minutes.” Harry checked his phone.  “I’m here!” Faith glided inside wearing a tank and shorts.  “Hey...Faith.” Harry awkwardly smiled.  “She gets under my skin.” Lucy texted me.  “IKR!” I replied.  “Hey Jazz, Lucy, Brittani, Trinity.” Faith gathered us into an awkward group hug.  “Where’s Amy?” she winked at us.  Did she expect us to play along with her sick, twisted, screwy game?  I’m sorry hun, but we know better.


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