Out In Night (1D vamp & wolf fic)

Trinity, Brittani, Lucy, Amy, and Jazmin are the best people you will ever meet. Except they all hide a deep dark secret only them and their families know. They live like normal people, but there's a twist. They are Vampires and Werewolves. When the girls transfer to a new academy and meet Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam will the boys accept them for who they are or leave them? Read my novel-thingy to find out! Xx


1. Moved In


Trinity’s POV-

I woke up and walked down stairs hungrily, I grabbed a piece of toast and practically ran out the door.  Today is the first day of new academyy for highscool and all of my best friends, Jazmin, Amy, Lucy and Brittani are all going to the same college with me!  I walked over to Jazz’s house (lives across the street) and waited on her lawn.  Gosh, imagine all the hot boys that will be at NYA.... shirtless buzz-cut boys... ah- “AHH!” I screamed out of my daze.  “What the hell?” Jazz asked,  “Oh, just you... sorry I was dreaming.” I mumbled.  “You’re a freak.  Come on lets go early so we can meet up with Amy, Lucy, and Brittani” Jazz said, pulling me off the ground.  It’s funny really.  Everyone here acts so normal.  But everyone has a secret to hide and gossip to whisper.  For example, all of my friends and I, our families also.  We’re all werewolves or in me, Jazz, Lucy and Donnie (Jazz’s older brother) case, vampires.  We go through everyday wearing contacts and hiding our real age.  I walked down to Amy’s drive way and hopped in the van she rented.  I put my luggage in the back and Jazz put her black and white polka dot carry case next to her matching backpack and black leather purse.  We saw Amy come out of her two floor house in a black shirt with a wilted flower and grey ripped skinny jeans.  “Sup. you ready”  Amy asked, man that girl has too much testosterone in her muscular body.  Then again, she is a werewolf.  Anyways, Amy takes her bag and literally carries it by her mouth to the van.  “OH MY GOD! Amy, you can’t do that people might see you!  And your claws aren’t even clipped.  What the hell?” Jazz over-exaggerates.  “Oh gosh.. Jazz you always freak over nothing. It’s fine, relax.” Amy says.  Lucy comes over in her mercedes benz and parks it in my drive way.  “Howdy!” Lucy says,  “I brought my new boyfriend Niall, hope ya don’t mind!” Lucy says.  Lucy was raised in Houston, Texas and moved to New York at the end of 8th grade.  “Hello.” Niall says clearly uncomfortable.  “umm... Niall, are you going to academy with Lucy and us?” Amy asks.  “Yea and I know about your.. uh.. secret” he winks.  “Lucy! You just me the boy and y’all already tellin him something we swore not to tell.” Jazz imitates Lucy.  “No no no. It’s not what y’all think. His friends are like us.  He told me first.” Lucy explained herself then Niall threw her luggage and his into the van and hopped in with Lucy, Jazz,  Amy and I.  Donnie stepped in last.  Being the driver and all.  Amy just bam becomes a wolf!

Amy’s POV-

I don’t get why I’m going to NYA.  I should be going to a sports academy.  But NOOO!, I need to go to NYA. So, I get on the bus and turn into a wolf, climb on the bottom bunk on the drivers side and go to sleep.  And that’s that.


Jazz’s POV:

We began driving, now we’re on the L.I. expressway and the college is getting close and BAM!.  It hits me, it literally hits me!  I forgot my contacts and Trinity’s contact box hits me in the head.  Crap!  I can be such a ditz sometimes.  Is that?  Oh no, It can’t be.  Is it? OMG it is!  Katrina Mens, the mean popular slut who puts out for any boy that is in a 12 mile radius.  I can’t believe she’s going to NYA!  That bitch, is going to my high-school!  Ugh. This is redic.  I can’t believe it!  I step off the bus last.  And Katrina hugs me, and greets me like she never bullied me and my friends since we were little. Which she pushed me to the point of suicide with a wooden spike.  It didn’t work though.  Katrina always was my friend until 5th grade when she met Faith Mills.  But in 7th grade she ditched Faith and ever since then Faith has been a freak!  And here comes Faith right now....with the same outfit as me... huh. weird. “Twinsies!” Faith squealed.  I looked around and everyone was gone finding their dorms.  “uh-huh.... well... bye Faith, bye Katrina.” I said walking away quickly.  Room A2.  In between Lucy and Trinity and across the hall from Amy and Faith who have the same dorm, but where’s Brittani? Perfect. I wonder who my roomie will be. I walk into my room and it’s Britttani! Yay!  All my other friends got some stranger or in Amy’s case, someone who should be a stranger.  I go outside the dorm and into the bathroom.  I take my contacts out and look at my red eyes.  I sigh and go into the stall to put new ones in.  “You know, your eyes are really pretty.  You shouldn’t wear contacts any more.  Unless... you’re hiding something. But I think I already know what that is.” a mystery voice says in black sneakers.  “Who are you!?!? Whats your name?” I demand but they’ve already left.  Who was that? 

  A/N:  Ohhh! It's all CLIFFHANGERYYYYYY!  Love you! Xx.  Bye Angels!     MUAH!

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