valentines day


1. the day

it was 10:00 when i woke up i went to the bathroom and showered. i got dressed and had breakfast. i was sad in a way because i didn't have a valentines.  as i am walking towards my friends house looking at my phone i bump into someone. i dropped my phone so i bent down and got it up. when i get up i say sorry and there he was standing in front of me this beautiful human being. i remembered him we have a class together. "johana is it you" he asked he knows my name.  " y-yes that's me" i stuttered.  " i was going to your house to ask  you something" i am lost in his beautiful eyes. " johana?" " oh sorry" i blushed " what were you saying" "i was wondering. would you" he started would you go with me to  the valentines dance at school" i was caught off guard did he really just ask me that. " are you serious" "yea i am why ask" " well since your like the cutest boy at school i mean you are Niall Horan. the most popular guy from school and your asking me a girl that doesn't get noticed to the dance" " i guess i am asking you out." " so will you go with me" " of course i will" OK so i guess ill pick you up at 7:00" "yea sure"


it was  6:50 in 10 minutes hes going to come. i was wearing a tight blue dress that falls to mid-thigh. i had curled my hair and was wearing black heels. i hear a knock on the door. my mom answers. "hello Mrs  Lopez ." i hear him say. " hello she will be down in a second" i walk down to see him in a tux he looks so beautiful "you look so.. beautiful." i feel myself blush. we head off to the dance and about 30 minutes after we get there he tells me to go with him. "where are we going i say as i get in his car" "put these on" he said handing me blindfolds "its a surprise" he says after about 10 minutes of driving we get there. the beach  he brought me to the beach. i see candles and soft music playing. we get to these small tent. he serves me some champagne and then he takes me out to the sunset. " you look stunning" " you don't look as bad yourself" we both smile. "look i have been waiting for this moment for so long" "will you... do the honors of being my girlfriend" i feel my eyes get watery tears of joy stream down my face. "of course i will" he picks me up and spins me around. he then puts me down. he grabs my face and looks into my eyes and kisses me passionately. " i love you" " i love you too" my dream finally came true.       

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