Nothing Like Us

Brooke Elliot is a model and her best friend is Harry Styles. Brooke loves Harry and Harry loves Brooke, but neither of them realize it. One day, something happens and everything changes. Will Brooke and Harry finally admit there love for each other?


3. Chapter 3


The crowd erupted into a huge roar as I, Taylor, and One Direction stepped onto the red carpet. It was deafening, making my ears ring. I tried to block out the screams of each guys name being called out and smiled sweetly for the flashing cameras.

Harry gave me a few comforting squeezes to help me down the red carpet as he knew I wasn't used to this, just having my picture taken in privacy by the photographers in Charlotte's studio.

We had arrived at the premiere for Warm Bodies and I was super excited. I read the book recently, which left me eager to see if the movie even closely resembled the novel.

"HARRY! NIALL! LOUIS! LIAM! ZAYN!" Crazed fangirls yelled into my ears.

We finally reached the entrance, the loud roar lowering in volume. I looked back at the crowded red carpet and spotted Justin Bieber. He was smiling and winking at the camera, sometimes flirting with fans who looked like they were going to pass out. His eyes landed on me and he gave me a flirty wink. He mouthed the words, "lookin' good."

My cheeks flushed and I looked down at the dress I had picked out for tonight. It was one of my nicer ones, being an expensive dress I got for free at a modeling job.

Harry cleared his throat, "are you ready?"

I nodded and he grabbed my hand, leading me away from my flirty friend.


The music was booming, but I could handle it. I moved to the beat, swaying back in forth. Drinks were being handed to me like crackers. I had had too many and I was drunk. Not very typical of me to do this, but it was Saturday and I wanted to let loose. It seemed that no one cared that I was underage. Even Taylor had a couple of drinks.

Harry and Niall hadn't drunk a thing. Niall ended up taking Taylor home early because she got sick. I looked to the corner where Harry sat and I wondered how he was having any fun. This place was full of celebrities! I stumbled over to him, drink in hand, almost tripping over my own feet a couple of times.

"You're a party pooper!" I slurred.

"And you're drunk," Harry stated, taking my drink, "I don't think you need anymore of this."

I huffed and stumbled away, joining the mass of dancing people again. Getting into the music, I felt someone brush my side. My closed eyes opened and I realized it was Justin Biber who had touched me.

"Hey Justin!" I yelled, my shyness fleeing my body.

"Hey, you look like you're having a good time," he guessed, brusing his hand through his brown hair, smiling brightly.

"And you would be right," I said, someone pushing me. I laid my hands on Justin's shoulders to keep from falling.

"I got you," he winked, grabbing my waist.

I looked into his eyes and Justin leaned down to my ear, whispering something.

"How about you come back to my hotel? You're too unstable to go home by yourself."

I was rendered speechless as I stood there, Justin's arms still wrapped tightly around my waist. I was just about to answer him when I felt a large hand grasp my shoulder.

"I'll take her home. There's no need for your help," I heard the familiar voice of Harry behind me. His tone was harsh and raspy, as if warning Justin to back off.

I watched as Justin's perky smile faded to a neutral look. "Sorry man. Didn't know she was with you."

Harry moved his arm from my shoulder to my waist, pulling me close to his side, gripping me firmly. I almost emitted a small gasp. His gaze never left Justin's as he walked away, disappearing into the abyss of people.

I escaped Harry's grip on me. "What was that for!"

Harry sighed. "I was only helping."

My mind clouded over in confusion. "Helping how?"

"He was going to take advantage of you," Harry stated, rubbing his forehead, trying to keep a fight from happening.

"I can take care of myself thank you very much!" I stomped my foot and walked away hotly.

"Oh no you don't," Harry chased after me, "you're coming home with me."

I gasped as his hands placed themselves on my hips before hoisting me up and slinging me over his shoulder. My fists pounded into his back in an attempt to force Harry to release me, but he didn't. Instead, he ignored my protests and walked us to his car. 

"Harry!" My fists continued to hit him, "put me down!"

I was sit down in front of him a few seconds later. "Get in the car."

I protested by crossing my arms and refusing to move. Harry sighed and yanked the passenger door open, waiting for me to crawl inside. I finally budged and climbed inside his vehicle.

The car ride to Harry's flat was silent. Every now and then, I would glance over at him. Both of his hands were on the wheel and his eyes concentrated on the road. We were getting close and my eyes started to slowly close. The alcohol had sunk in and before I knew it, I had passed out.


A loud snore woke me up suddenly. I rolled over in the bed I was lying in and found that I wasn't alone. A shirtless Harry was laying beside me, his jade green eyes slowly opening. A flash of light came through the window. I jumped out of bed and noticed I wasn't wearing my dress, but one of Harry's white t-shirts and a pair of his sweats.

"How did I get into these clothes?" I asked, nervous at the thought that Harry was the culprit.

"I changed you," Harry said, a flirty smile on his lips.

A shy blush crept onto my cheeks and I groaned in embarrassment. "Why?"

"Because that dress looked uncomfortable and who wants to sleep while being uncomfortable?" 

I covered my eyes at the thought of Harry seeing me with just my underwear on.

"Don't worry, I didn't peek," he cheekily stated, a huge grin on his face.

"Ugh!" I smacked him and walked to the window where the flash came. I pulled back Harry's blue curtains and the flashes started happening quicker and there were more of them. The paparazzi had come.

"Harry, your house is surrounded by the paps. How am I supposed to get out of here?"

Harry shrugged and I flashed back to last night. I had gotten drunk and passed out in Harry's car. I was such a different person last night that anything could've happened to me.

I sat on the side of the bed beside Harry. "Thanks for pulling me out of there last night."

Harry grabbed my hand. "Anything for my best friend."

I smiled and got up, grabbing my dress off the floor. I walked to the bathroom and threw it on, afterwards, giving Harry back his clothes.

"Leaving so soon?" Harry laughed lightly.

"Yeah," I sighed, grabbing my bag. I was silently preparing myself for the mobbing I was going to recieve outside.

"Bye Brooke. I'll come over later."

"Bye Harry."

Taking a deep breath, I burst through the front door. The paparazzi were waiting with bated breath. They were asking me rude questions, the flash of their cameras blinding me. I had to walk all the way home with them following close behind like a little lost puppy. Finally, I reached my flat and rushed in, escaping the paparazzi. I sighed and closed my eyes, only one thought in my mind. In my head, all I could see was the magazine covers that were going to have my face plastered all over them.


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