The Way You Saw Me

After losing his mother to cancer two years ago Kellin's life has been spiraling down fast. He struggles to stay motivated to live every day and has lost is hope in society. Just he's losing his faith, the new girl shines a new light into his world and journeys with him as he slowly gains it back.


1. Waking Up


           Beep Beep Beep Beep.  Ugg… I hate that alarm… Stupid school…  Maybe I’ll just go in a little late today, no one will care-they never do.

           Hi, I’m Kellin Voss; I’m 17 and a junior at Hawk Ridge High School.  I live in a small town in Wisconsin that’s right on the river and borders Minnesota.  This used to be a happy place for me but for the past two years it’s been a terrible downward spiral.  Two years ago my mom passed away from cancer.  After that my dad found alcohol to be the only thing to ease the pain of her being gone.  I lost hope in my existence.  Since she’d passed everything that had value to me was lost.  Every day has become just another day being a shell of a being.


           School used to be where I shined but now I just go because I have to.  I probably would have slept through my alarm if it weren’t for my beagle, Ralph, barking at the squirrels.


           “Ralph!  Shut up!”  I yelled across the house, but this just encouraged his barking.  I moaned and slowly staggered up.  I had a headache from last night so I stumbled over from my bed to my bathroom.  I looked up in the mirror – my brown hair was just about shoulder length but I had no motivation to cut it anytime soon.  Some of the teachers at my school disapproved, but the ladies dig it so it’s definitely staying.  My blue eyes were looking a little red so I turned on the sink and splashed some water on my face before brushing my teeth.  I did my usual morning routine, threw some clothes on that I found on the floor, fed Ralph, and went out the door with an energy drink.  Sometimes I feel that energy drinks are the only way I make it through my day. 


            It was the beginning of fall so it was still nice enough to skateboard to school.  I skateboard to school when it’s nice because I don’t have a car yet.  I don’t have a car yet one, because my dad is lame and hasn’t bought me one, and two, because I don’t have a job.  No job, no money, no car.  Still I don’t mind skateboarding to school.  I don’t live too far away.  Sometimes at school, when the teachers aren’t looking, I’ll even skateboard in the building.  It’s pretty legit.  


            When I finally made it to school I was already about an hour late and I ended up missing my first class.  It really was no loss to me; I don’t like that teacher anyways.  My second class of the day was chemistry.  I didn’t mind that class as much.  I got chemistry pretty easy and a couple of my friends were in the class too: Alexa and Michael.  Alexa was your average high school girl, except her hair was dyed black with pink stripes throughout it, and Michael was a lot like me only with a better life.  He’s a about my height and weight but he had short sandy blonde hair. 


            “Sup Kell,” Michael said as I walked in.

            “Nothing but this killer headache,” I sighed as I slumped down in my seat.

            “Dude you have to stop getting wasted every night!  My mom will kill you if she finds out.” Michael’s mom has been like a second mother to me.  She’s always making sure I’m eating enough or staying out of trouble.  She and my mom were good friends, so she watches out for me. 

            “Gosh Kellin, you always get wasted and never invite me anymore.  Loser,” Alexa said sarcastically. 

            “That’s because you can’t hold your own when you’re gone.  I don’t wanna babysit you.”  I said.  She rolled her eyes at me.  Michael just laughed and we high fived. 


            I sat across from Michael, who sat next to Alexa.  The tables in the Chem room where all in groups of four and people where trickling into their usual spot.  I glanced across the room to see if Rachel was here yet.  Rachel was the girl that is on every guy’s mind.  She’s thin but has a great butt, tan skin, prefect brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, and always looked super hot.  She was a cheerleader too (of course).  Oh and she happened to be the ex that I could never fully get over. 


            I saw her walk in with Tanner Champ, the new varsity football star.  She now completely ignores my existence.  I hate that! It drives me nuts.  Following her and Tanner into the class was our teacher Mr. Chiapetta.  Class was about to start.


            “Good morning class,” Mr. Chiapetta began.  As he was rambling about the usual morning news and what not, the class door opened up.  Usually it’s just someone who’s tardy and I don’t really pay attention, but this person was new.  I don’t remember ever seeing her before.  She had long golden blonde hair, big blue doe eyes, and a nice body too.  She went up to the teacher and asked him something quietly while the rest of us in the class waited.  He pointed to the class and she started making her way towards a seat: the seat next to me.  She sat down and class continued.  Her sitting next to me gave me a weird feeling that I can’t explain.  It made me nervous and uneasy but at the same time I wanted to know who she was.

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