"Forgetting him was like trying to know someone you’ve never met…"

I sighed turning over and turning off my alarm clock, today was my first day of my Junior year in high school. After 10 full weeks of sun, fun, and friends I was being forced back to school. It’s not that I didn’t like school it’s just after a summer like that nobody would want to go back. Because this summer wasn’t just beaches and swimsuits, no this summer was full of surprises, this summer had its ups and downs. Like many girls over this summer I met a guy, fell in love and had my heart broken. But my summer love story is different…much, much different.

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3. Plane Rides

A/N: Hi guys. Sorry it's been so long. I've been extremely busy with school and I haven't had time to update. Also, I'm not really sure if I like this website because the comments don't show up on each chapter. You know what I mean? Like I don't know how many comments I get on each chapter because they are all put on every chapter. So I'm don't really like. Maybe I'll ask them to fix and I'll post more often, because I like to get feedback from you guys. But whatever, here's chapter 3. Happy St. Patrick's by the way. :) I really hope you like this chapter. Rachel and Harry will be meeting really soon. Sorry the story is kind of slow right now but it will pick up soon once they meet. Please leave your feedback below. Thanks so much for reading! Love you guys. :*

Rachel's POV


I watch as we pull up to the airport. I sigh pulling my headphones and stuffing my phone in my pocket.

My mom parks unbuckling her seatbelt and getting out of the car. I jump out following her to the trunk.

“Mom, I’m sorry I—” I start

“I know honey, I understand. This has been really hard on all of us and I know we haven’t really been the best parents lately…” she says tearing up

“Mom no, please don’t cry. You guys are the best parents ever better than anything I could’ve asked for. I never really meant all of those mean things I’ve said; I’ve just been really upset and lost lately.” I say pulling her into a hug

“I’ll miss you.” She says

“I’ll miss you too but I’ll be home before you know it. I promise.” I smile

“My baby is growing up, stop.” She laughs pulling me into another hug


 “Yes, sweetie.” She says

“I’ve got to go.” I laugh

“Oh yeah sorry, I love you. Have a safe flight, call me when you get in okay?” she says as we pull away.

“Okay, I will. Thanks again mom.” I smile grabbing my things and walking up on the sidewalk.

“Bye honey.” My mom says getting into the car and I wave watching it slowly drive away. I was alone for the first time in my life…I was alone. I slowly made my way through the airport doors looking around. What do I do? I looked around locating a security guard and walking over to him.

“Excuse me.” I smile

“Yes” he replies

“I um—I” I start

“First time flyer?” he says

“Yeah, and to be honest I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.” I blush and he laughs

“I’ll help you, do you have your ticket?” he says and I pull out my ticket handing it to him. “Okay, so you’re on Southwest” he starts looking around “Over there, you see that sign that says Southwest above it?” he says and I nod “You’re going to go there to check in your suitcase, then from there you’re going to want to go up those steps. When you reach the top of the steps you will have to go through security. They’re just going to check to make sure that you don’t have any hazardous objects. Once through security you’re going to go to terminal seven and wait for flight 154 to be called.” He says as I slowly take in the information “I know that’s a lot to remember but if you get lost just ask someone I’m sure they’ll help you.” He smiles

“Thank you very much.” I say

“No problem it’s my job.” He laughs “Have a safe flight.” He smiles

“Thank you” I nod making my way to the desk to check in my bag.

“Hello” the lady behind the desk smiles

“Hi” I say

“Name please.”

“Rachel Jennette Clyne?” I say

“Flight 154 to Los Angles?” she says and I nod “Okay, please sit your bag up on the scale.” She says

“Um…” I say

“Right here sweetie.” She smiles pointing at the foreign object

“Oh.” I say setting my suitcase down as she prints out a piece of paper sticking it on my bag. And I watch as she takes it and sets in down on the conveyer belt behind her.

“It’s going to take your bag straight to the plane and when you get off you will pick it up.” She says


“That’s it now you’re going to head to security do you know where that is?” she says

“Yes, thank you” I say making my way to the escalator before stepping on and following it up. I step off the escalator staring at the huge line in front of me; this is going to take forever.

“Welcome aboard.” A woman greeted me as I stepped onto the plane.

“Thank you” I smile walking down the aisle reading the numbers. 45C, 48C, 50C, oh here we are 67C. I look down to see two young girls sitting in the two other seats in the row.

“Excuse me.” I say politely as they both look up at me

“Are you our plane buddy?” one screams loudly and I laugh pushing a strand of hair behind my ear.

“Yeah, I’m 67C.” I smile

“Oh thank god!” the other girl says as they both stand letting me through to the window seat.

“We thought we were going to get stuck with some creepy old guy or some weird person. I’m glad we got someone as pretty and sweet as you. I’m Courtney by the way.” The girl, newly named Courtney, says

“And I’m Lainie.” The other girl, Lainie says

“I’m Rachel, nice to meet you.” I smile buckling my seatbelt and sitting my carry on under the seat in front of me. “So I assume you like One Direction?” I laugh looking down at their One Direction merchandise.

“Like them? Oh no we LOVE them…in fact you’re looking at the future Mrs. Payne.” Lainie smiles

“They are gods, how can you not like them? Who’s your favorite?” Courtney says

“I don’t really know any of the members by name to be honest.” I bite my lip

“What?” Lainie says

“Yeah, sorry I’m just not really a fan.” I shrug pulling my phone out of my pocket.

“How can you not like One Direction?” Lainie says when we are interrupted by the pilot.

“Hello, this is your captain speaking we will be taking off momentarily. Please make sure your seatbelts are buckled and your seats and tray tables are in an upright take off position. Thank you.” He finishes and I take the opportunity to quickly slip my ear buds into my ears. I didn’t mean to be rude but I know how One Direction fans can get sometimes. And I really didn’t want to try and argue with them. I scrolled through my albums obviously going straight to Ed Sheeran’s album. Personally, I believe that Ed Sheeran is a Ginger Jesus, have you ever just sat down and listened to the words in his songs. They just get into your soul and take you to another place. I leaned my head up against the window and slowly closed my eyes drifting off.

“Matt, stop” I laugh running away to avoid his water balloon.

Come on Rach, it’s just a little water” he says running after me “Fine I’m not going to throw it at you” he sighs putting his hands up in defense

Thank you” I say when the balloon collides with my body soaking me.

You liar” I gasp

You’d think you’d know by now Rach.” He says walking away laughing as I grab the hose.

And you’d think that you’d know better than to turn away from me” I smile flipping on the hose and soaking him from head to toe.

Oh it’s so on.” He says

“No, but look at this one!” I was jerked awake by a loud scream and I turned to see Lainie and Courtney gawking over a One Direction magazine.

“Sorry did we wake you?” Courtney says

“No, it’s okay I should’ve been up by now.” I say looking down at the time on my phone. We were supposed to be landing in about twenty minutes so I decided now would be a good time to change. I grab for my bag under my seat, unbuckling my seatbelt and standing up. “Excuse me, I need to go to the restroom.” I smile sliding past the girls and out into the aisle. I look around for the bathroom sign and make my way towards the bathroom. I step into the small enclosed space doing my business and then undressing. I throw on my clothes and then apply some natural looking make-up; I’m not the type of girl that cakes it on. I pull my hair out of its bun letting my wavy hair fall to my shoulders as I brush it out.{}

“Hello, this is your pilot we should be landing soon. So please buckle your seat belts and prepare for landing.” The pilot comes onto the intercom as I flush the toilet and wash my hands before making my way back to my seat.

“I’m back, excuse me.” I say again sliding past the two girls and back into my seat.

“Where did you get those shoes?” Lainie says

“I’m not sure actually they were a birthday present from my brother.” I force a smile

“Well, your brother has great taste.” She smiles

“I know.” I sigh buckling my seatbelt and watching the plane land.

I stood at the conveyer belt thingy waiting for my bag to come around. I had been here almost twenty minutes and still nothing. I decided to take this as an opportunity to call my mom. Within seconds of hitting call she answered.


“Hi mommy, I’m here.” I smile

“I’m glad you got there safely, are you on your way back to the beach house yet?” she says

“No, I’m still waiting for my bags…why does this take so long? I am never flying anywhere ever again.” I pout

“Sweetie, you do realize you have to fly home right?” she laughs

“Oh yeah, well I still don’t like it.” I say when the alarm sounds indicating the bags are going to start moving.

“Sounds like they’re coming out now?”

“Yeah, I’ll call you when we get to the beach house. Love you.” I say

“Love you too sweetie.” She says making a kissing sound as I hang up. I watch as the bags begin to circulate and immediately I see my shiny red suitcase. I make my way to my suitcase quickly grabbing it and setting it down. I pull up the handle and my phone rings indicating I’ve received a text message. I smile reading the text and begin walking towards the doors still texting on my phone when suddenly my body collides with someone else.

“Sorry.” I sigh and continue walking when my eyes spot a red jeep and a petite woman standing next to it with a hug smile on her face. Aunt Rebecca…


A/N: So, was it okay? Sorry it was kind of short but it was kind of a filler chapter. I will try and post as soon as I can. But please leave your comments below. Thanks again for reading. :)


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