"Forgetting him was like trying to know someone you’ve never met…"

I sighed turning over and turning off my alarm clock, today was my first day of my Junior year in high school. After 10 full weeks of sun, fun, and friends I was being forced back to school. It’s not that I didn’t like school it’s just after a summer like that nobody would want to go back. Because this summer wasn’t just beaches and swimsuits, no this summer was full of surprises, this summer had its ups and downs. Like many girls over this summer I met a guy, fell in love and had my heart broken. But my summer love story is different…much, much different.

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2. Mama's Boy


Wow. Thank you all so much. I got a lot of great feedback, I’m really glad you guys like it. So, I usually make Friday my posting day but I decided to post today. And maybe if you guys keep the good feedback coming I’ll post on Friday too. I want to thank @Onedaisyrg , @downandnotout and @Grace_loves_harry for commenting on the last chapter. And yeah, I guess I must’ve accidentally posted the story twice. Whoopsie, I’m still new to movellas and I’m still kind of figuring out how to use it so yeah. Oh and before I forget this chapter is in Harry’s POV and if you haven’t realized I’m not British. And I found this chapter extremely hard to write because every line I wrote I had to stop and think ‘Would Harry say that?’ or ‘Would a British person say that?’. So to be honest this chapter isn’t going to be as amazing as I’d like it to be for that reason in particular. But I really hope you guys like it…I worked extra hard on it to try and get it to be as perfect as possible. Please keep all the wonderful comments coming and tell your friends, your family, that hobo you saw last week on the subway, to read my story. Love you guys! <3


Harry's POV


            “Harry sweetie” I hear a voice, slowly opening my eyes, to reveal a blurry image of my mom standing above me. “Its 5:30, the car will be here to pick you up in less than an hour.” She says

“Five more minutes” I say turning over and pulling the pillow over my head.

“You said the exact same thing when I woke you up five minutes ago.” She chuckles “now come on, I’m sure you can sleep on the car ride to the airport. And then you can sleep on the plane ride so then you’ll be all rested up when you get to LA.” She says ripping the blankets off my bare body

“Mum” I yell grabbing for the blankets

“No, you need to get up now.”

“But it’s cold.” I sigh ruffling my messy hair out of my eyes.

“Well then that gives you all the more reason to go jump in the shower. Now go and hurry I want you to have to eat a good breakfast before you leave.” She says

“Fine” I say making my way to the bathroom

“Love you” she says with a smile leaving my room.

“Love you too.” I laugh flipping on the shower and slowly easing my body in. It was finally summer and the boys and I finally got a holiday. For the whole summer we had no concerts, no videos, no signings, nothing, just the five of us and our families chilling in LA. We even rented a nice flat on a private beach. This also means no fans and no paparazzi, total privacy for the whole summer. The only downside was we had to get up and get to the airport really early so nobody would be able to figure out where we were.

            I ran the towel through my curly hair one last time before throwing a beanie over it and making my way downstairs.

“Good morning” I smile

“Good morning” I’m greeted by my four best mates.

“When did you lads get here?” I say taking a seat on a stool next to Lou.

“We got here shortly after you hopped into the shower.” Lou says

“Your mum was even nice enough to serve us breakfast.” Niall smiles taking a huge bite of his pancakes making me laugh.

“Well, this is a much different boy than the one I woke up just twenty minutes ago.” My mom smiles, setting a plate of pancakes in front of me.

“Thank you.” I nod grabbing my fork “I was just tired, that’s all, I’m sorry I snapped at you.” I say taking a bite of my pancakes.

“It’s okay sweetie I understand, I don’t think anyone is happy when waking up this early.” She laughs

“Exactly, these are really good by the way mum.” I say taking another big bite, washing it down with milk.

“Well, thank you I decided to try out a new recipe; I’m glad you like it.” She blushes

“What time is the car picking us up?” I say looking over at the clock

“Paul said they’d be here around 6:15 so—” Liam starts looking down at his watch

“Four minutes” I say

“Yes.” He says as I begin to attempt to finish my breakfast.

“What time do you guys leave mom?” I look over at my mum.

“I think our flight leaves at ten, so we won’t be far behind you guys.” She says taking a sip of her coffee.

“Oh okay.” I say hearing a car horn honk outside as I stuff a huge pancake in my mouth.


“Sorry.” I attempt to say but it doesn’t come out correctly with all the food stuffed in my mouth. I pull on my jacket and shoes before going to grab my suitcase. “Bye mum.” I say swallowing and making my way to the door.

“Um, Harry.” She says

“Oh yeah sorry” I say walking over and pulling her into a hug and she kisses my forehead.

“Bye baby, have a safe flight we will be right behind you. Love you.” She says

“Okay, mom I will. I love you too.” I say kissing her before making my way to the car. I was a mama’s boy no doubt about that.  ******

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