Made for eachother

Have you ever wondered what love felt like .. When 18 year olds Briana and Justin meet it isn't all peaches and cream , justin is in a bad boy phase where there is smoking and drinking involved , can she change his ways and turn him out to the boy everyone knows and loves or will he continue on the path that is going to lead him to death ? what happens when ex - girlfriends , fame , health , and police get involved in everything ? Can they continue the path there on or will everything come between the two! Read more to find out


5. Chapter 5

Bri's P.O.V 

   This went from being the best thing to the worst , all I wanted was to go back home every single part of me wanted to escape from this hell hole. I ran back into my house and ran straight up to my room . not paying attention to a single word pattie or my mom were saying. I stood there and cried into my pillow while I constantly heard knocking on the door '' Bri its your mom , please hunny tell me whats wrong '' she sat there for 30 minutes trying to bargain with me to let her in and I refused. I couldn't dare to look her in the face to tell her that my idol just cursed me out. I had finally drifted off to a peaceful sleep and I was awoken 2 hours later with a light knock on my door ... '' Heyy Doll , Its Pattie please talk to me , Im here to help , and you can really trust me , im pretty sure im going to have an explanation for this just please talk to me'' and with that I slumped out of my bed and turned the key to unlock the door for pattie. 

     As soon as I unlocked she slowly walked in , with each step she discovered a new kind of pain in my eyes , sadness ,frustration , hatred towards myself , sorrow , regret ! '' Sweetie what happened '' she said while whipping my tears. At first I shook my head because I was to embarrassed to explain the story , but then i realized pattie will defiantly know whats happening so I just closed my eyes and told her everything. '' Itttt -- it was Justin '' her mouth fell to the floor , probally in disbelief that he would make one of his fans cry. '' As you know I ran out of the house after him , trying to comfort him and thats when he turned around furious but he started cursing at me and telling me he wants nothing to bo with me , but its not a big deal I guess '' i said trying to cover up for him. 


'' Listen Bri , Justin has NOOO excuse for making a beautiful girl like you cry , and trust me when I tell you we are gonna have a long conversation when I get home , but im just gonna tell you that , the justin that said all of the mean stuff to you .. isn't the Justin any of us truly know. Ever since Selena broke up with him , he has been in some sort of depression , and anger , but still no excuse for what he did to you ! Baby girl I know you just moved here and I mean this from the bottom of my heart , if you need anyone to talk to Im here , and maybe tomorrow we can have a girls day '' Pattie said while i laid on her shoulder. 


 I smiled thorugh me tears and managed to give her a huge hug , '' Pattie your like the aunt / sister I never had and I love you ''

''You better not ditch me tomorrow Mrs. Bri ''she said while walking towards the door ,'' Oh and by the way I love you too'' she said sweetly while closing the door behind her , and i knew from that moment on that everything was gonna be okay.

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