Made for eachother

Have you ever wondered what love felt like .. When 18 year olds Briana and Justin meet it isn't all peaches and cream , justin is in a bad boy phase where there is smoking and drinking involved , can she change his ways and turn him out to the boy everyone knows and loves or will he continue on the path that is going to lead him to death ? what happens when ex - girlfriends , fame , health , and police get involved in everything ? Can they continue the path there on or will everything come between the two! Read more to find out


35. Chapter 34

Bri's POV 

It was 5 minutes to seven and the show was about to start 

I 've seen it before but this time I felt like it would just be .. better 

Me , Miley , Taylor , Demi , Madison , Ryan , Chaz , Fredo , and Twist 

had our very own section next to the stage 


I saw the lights go dark , and a very familiar 14 year old walk out onto the stage 

The crowd went wild 

Jaden preformed like the title man I knew always pointing at me and looking at me when he had the chance 

I jumped in the crowd , yelling jadens name throwing my fist in the air 

As he was about to introduce cody , he stopped 

'' everyone I wanna introduce you to one of my boys Cody Simpson .. but before I go .. I just wanna let you all know this was dedicated to my VERY Best Friend Bri . love you babes '' and with that jaden ran off stage 

I got chocked up 

I didn't have words to express my feelings 

I whipped the tear that fell down my left cheek 

and got right back to my normal mood when Cody came out 

we were dancing along and at the end i felt weird when he had something to say too 

'' umm . my performance was dedicated to a strong , beautiful , talented girl .. you've touched us all ! WE LOVE YOU 

That was it 

I was in full blown tears .. i felt everyone wrap around and give me a gigantic bear hug 

'' I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH '' i cried grabbing them all and squeezing them 

I pulled my self back together .. but then it hit me 

The next performance was justins ... i am scared 


Justin's POV 

I was back stage , listening to the boys preform while getting strapped to my wings 

I was shaking ... not cause of preforming but because of her .. she was sitting right infront of the stage ! 

I was hopping she would reject me infront of all my fans . this was gonna be big . like nothing I've ever done 

I felt a light tap on my shoulder 

'' aye , its alight JB , she likes you . i know she does ! i mean everything gonna be alright '' kenny joked 

I forced a smile and then before i knew it  I was getting lifted off the ground 

the plan was in action and i think EVERYONE was on board 

well hear goes nothing 


Briana's POV 

The key was counting down 

less then a minute and i would be feet away from the beautiful blonde boy I had once fell for 

I couldn't keep on lying to myself ... 

he didn't want me . And I didn't deserve him . I couldnt just let him heal me that would be to much 

he only wanted Selena . i didn't like him 

I tried to lie to myself and say i didn't have feelings 

but who was i kidding . I loved him . I was in love with the justin I saw with Selena . in love with the boy I THOUGHT he was

but maybe he was still that boy ... my mind was filled with confusion ! I csnt think about this right now 

and at that moment I saw the key unlock 

and this child I had once Hated , was infront of me 

but i really didn't Hate him . i loved him 


Justin's POV

I looked out to see a thousand beautiful beliebers 

I was at my happy place preforming 

but something still felt off 

I looked where scooter told me she would be and by heart stopped 

she was starring right at me smiling ... I couldn't hold still anymore 

 i had too . 


Briana's POV 

Justin came of the wings , and I saw him smile at me 

For those first songs I went back to not knowing Justin 

just wanting to meet him , and love him . i would fan girl when he looked at me 

forgetting about the past ! 

I was having the best moments of my life . Dancing around and singing along 

I looked over to my right to see all of them so happy 

Madison . twist . demi . miley . tay . ryan . cha and fredo had the biggest smile on there face

laughing when I would sing the words before him 


and then my favorite song came on one less lonely girl .. I don't think I could bare to watch justin with another girl 


Justin's POV 

I went into my performance always looking towards her when I had the chance 

I could help but laugh 

she was singing and jumping and dancing it was so cute . 

and then i knew the time was about to come my next song was OLLG 


It was time . I saw the chair behind me and the dancers waiting 

I stopped the music 

'' umm. listen everyone , I don't usually do this '' I said grabbing the back of my neck while starring at my red suppras

'' but i really thought , I should pick my own OLLG tonight , now this girl she is someone special .. Briana ? will you be my one less lonely girl '' 

and then the crowd went wild 

I turned to see the chair she had been sitting in but she was no longer there ...


Bri's POV

I knew were this was going . when he stopped the music 

I knew what was coming 

I couldn't bring myself to face the fact that he wanted me .. so i did what I did best and ran 

I felt people starring at me as I covered my face and ran . I ran to somewhere I could be alone 

I slide past people and made my way to a bathroom stall 

You could hear my sobs . that sobs of being scared 

I went out to grab some towels to whip my tears 

When I saw a little girl around the age of 8 

'' um excuse me miss '' she said tugging on my shirt 

I looked down at the little girl smiling through my tears 

'' are you bri ? , the mystery girl '' she asked 

i nodded and tried to smile at the little girl 


;; well your really pretty .. if justin has a crush on anymoe im glad its you bri .. but please promise me something ? '' 

the little girl asked 

'' anything for you princess  '' i said 


'' promise that you'll take care of him , he is my inspiration . please keep him happy , i love him and i love you too '' she said and gave me a hug 

I held out my pinky and folded it against her's  

I got her name and left immediately to go back to my seat ... i planned to keep my promise 


Justin's POV

'' Bri ... Bri .... Briana '' I called through the microphone 

the crowd was dead silent 

looking for the mystery girl 

I turned my attention over to the familiar people where bri once was 

I saw the girls lip that they don't know where she went 

and that they were looking ... 

this was horrible 

I didn't know what to do ... 

so I ran 

I went as fast as my legs could travel and ran to my dressing room throwing my head on the pillow . the tears running down my face ... what have i done ? i had officially ruined all my chances with her . 


Scooters POV 

It was time for justin's plan to start 

and I was excited for the kid .. she made him happy . something i didn't see in a while 

He called her name and there was no response .. he called her name for another 2 minutes and she wasn't there 

his face went pale and then justin had came through the back 

passing me and his mom in tears ... 

I knew what i had to do 


I walked out onto the stage 

bright lights flashing in my face 

'' hey everybody ;'' i said into the microphone 

the crowd going wild 


'' well Im gonna let you guys in on a little secret . Justin . jUSTIN is kinda sad right know because bri is missing . you see he kinda has a crush on her .. and we all know you guys love justin .. so why don't we get her out here for him '' 

the crowd burst into cheers 


'' BRIANA , BRIANA ,BRIANA ,BRIANA ''  I turned to see a familiar skinny girl walking out of the back stage area to the main stage 

here we go .. back on track 


Briana's POV 

I got back to see scooter on stage and the crowd chanting my name 

I ran beingd stage and told pattie what I pland to do and as soon as she agreed i knew i had to get scooter back inside to go get justin 

I was going to keep my promise and I had to make justin happy and there was only one way 

two minutes later I was in place . ready to go with MY OWN PLAN


Justins POV 

'' hey get out on stage , you've got fans waiting boy ''  scooter yelled 

I knew that i couldn't his from the people that loved me most 

I whipped the last of my tears and ran back on stage 


i jumped onstage and started dancing 

'' you know you love , you know you care 

say whenever , and i 'll be there .. you were my love 

you were my heart , and we will never ever , ever be apart 

are we an item girl quite playing , we're just friends what are you saying '' 


I jumped around dancing and singing and trying to not focus on looking to wear she once sat 

and then suddenly the music change

to OLLG 

I stopped singing , what was going on ? 

I turned around to ask the dancers 

but I saw bri sitting in the OLLG chair 


I was breath taken .. I didn't know what to say 

I put my hand's over my mouth and reached out to touch her to check if this was real 

and it was ... 


Briana's POV

I was below the stage and could hear justin singing baby 

My heart was beating a million times a minute 

scared on his reaction 

The chair started moving upward and I sat being a clueless dancing justin and just laughed 

The music started to shift 

and I saw the beautiful blonde boy turned around 

Our eyes locked on eacothers andd I saw a tear fall from his cheek and his hands clap over his mouth 

and the something happened to me 

All of the pain was gone ... Everyone makes mistakes and me and justin had to move past ours 

I sat in the beautiful chair while he sat on the arm of it signing to me and holding my head in his hands and for that moment it felt like me and justin were the only people in the world ..or at least the only people who mattered 


''How many I told you's
And start overs and shoulders
Have you cried on before
How many promises be honest girl
How many tears you let hit the floor
How many bags you'd packed
Just to take'em back, tell me that
How many either or's
But no more, 
If you let me inside of your world
There'll be one less lonely girl '' he sang 

starring at me the whole time . his hands cupped my face and right when he leaned in to kiss me . he backed out and started slow dancing 


He grabbed my lower back and I wrapped my arms over his shoulders as he sang to me . and we turned into a circle ! 

for a moment everything went silent . justin was no longer singing and just moving closer to fill the gap between our lips and seconds later i felt the fireworks the heat transferred from his body to mine and whistles fidt the crowd 

life was .. good 


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