Made for eachother

Have you ever wondered what love felt like .. When 18 year olds Briana and Justin meet it isn't all peaches and cream , justin is in a bad boy phase where there is smoking and drinking involved , can she change his ways and turn him out to the boy everyone knows and loves or will he continue on the path that is going to lead him to death ? what happens when ex - girlfriends , fame , health , and police get involved in everything ? Can they continue the path there on or will everything come between the two! Read more to find out


33. Chapter 32

Briana's POV 

Jaden took a deep long look at me 

'' Briana promise you'll never do it again '' 

I wrapped my pinky around his and tried to smile 

He kissed the top of my head once more and walked out of the room 

shutting the door behind him 

leaving me with my worst enemy 




Justin's POV

'' Im guessing she is still pretty upset '' I asked 

the girls looked back & fourth at each other 

'' you have NOOO idea '' madison sighed 

from the corners of my eye I could see Miley and deem start to cry 


Fredo : what happened ? 

Twist : Are you guys OK ? 

they looked up there eyes red and puffy 


'' they just don't like to see her suffer ;; taylor whimpered 

what did the mean ? 

there was a confused look on all the guys faces including mine 


'' we should get back to her '' madison said 

while directing towards the two french towards to enter the house 

at that moment 

I saw jaden 

walking towards my house covering his face with his jacket 

A worried look passed thorough my face 

'' what REALLY happened deem '' i heard a scared ryan ask 


she looked straight at me 

her eyes piercing through mine .. making me feel uncomfortable 

'' trust me you will ALL find out on your own time '' she answered 

and whit that all of the remanning girls where inside no where to be seen 


I looked over to see a panicked group among me ... 

I was scared for bri , scared for me , but scared for US 


Briana's POV 

'' Wake up '' I heard the girls scream 

I slowly opened my eyes to see deem , madison , tay , and mil leaning over me 


I was putting on my house slippers when a pillow hit the back of my neck 

'' WHO threw the pillow '' I yelled 

turning around with my own weapon in hand 

I saw all of them laughing and pointing at each other and then they ran 


For 20 minutes we all chased each other around with purple fluffy pillows aiming for our best friends as targets 

all until a dinged with a reminder ... 


'' oh yeah jaden called , something about us going to Justin's concert , to see him and cody preform '' taylor said 

I was shocked at the invitation ... 

'' if they think we're going they are physco ... Justin's gonna be there '' Madison laughed 

All the girls chimed in to laugh with her 

but i just shocked my head in disagreement 

'' NO , I wanna go .. to support jaden and cody , and meet the crew '' 

they all agreed 


but i know on the inside i didn't tell them the whole truth 

as soon as they mentioned justin's concert 

a vision of a beautiful blonde boy appearing on wings came into mind 

I wanted to see him and the butterflies began 


'' well it starts at seven on the dot , but we will get there early , and tour around '' deem said with a smile 

I looked at the clock and my eyes widen when i realized it was already four 


'' we should get ready '' I said pointing to the clock while pushing back my ombre brown- blonde hair 

in the next three seconds all five of us had token off in five different directions in search of a bathroom to get ready in 


I sprinted for my bathroom , grabbing my hair and makeup products from my drawers on the way up 

* an hour and a half later * 


I looked in the mirror one last time. my hair was dead straight and I was wearing a neutral smokey eye with eyeliner to pop out my hazelish eyes . My shirt was an adorable tanktop - crop top that cam just above my stomach to show my diamond belly-button ring . It ready swaggy in big gold red letters that went perfectly with my vintage levi high waister denim shorts and red converse and jagged gold necklace.


I walked into the living room with my phone in hand and my cluth with a couple of neccasties. 

'' can you please be my wife '' miley asked when her eyes met me

I ran over to her and jumped on her lap

'' of course mamiiii'' i responded while plating a big kiss on her right cheek 

You could hear laughter fill the room 


'' tumblr model '' madison commented while snapping a picture 

'' hot mama '' taylor whistled 

'' ur body , your face , your perfection '' dem added 

I blew kisses to all of them and ran out the door pumped to already get to the staples center 

I was so ready to see him preforming again . and by the devious look on the girls faces i knew something was gonna be different tonight but i couldn't put my finger on what ...


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