Made for eachother

Have you ever wondered what love felt like .. When 18 year olds Briana and Justin meet it isn't all peaches and cream , justin is in a bad boy phase where there is smoking and drinking involved , can she change his ways and turn him out to the boy everyone knows and loves or will he continue on the path that is going to lead him to death ? what happens when ex - girlfriends , fame , health , and police get involved in everything ? Can they continue the path there on or will everything come between the two! Read more to find out


31. Chapter 30

Briana's POV

I felt a mental break down stirring up 

I couldn't take this anymore 

I hated myself 


I took one last look at the photo of Justin and I on the television 

There stood this perfect beautiful blonde hair icon 

next to some ugly average emotional teen girl 

I immediately knew what I had to do . 


At that moment I jumped off the couch 

and started sprinting towards my bathroom 

Immediately I felt the presence of the girls chasing me 

'' Bri '' maddi screamed not so far behind 

she was fast yet i was faster 


i stretched out my arm , reaching for the bathroom handle 

and slammed the door shut , while making sure the lock was on 

I could hear the beating of my heart , and feel the cold tears on my skin 


As my back slumbbed down against the bathroom door 

i could hear the girls panicking 


'' open the door bri '' taylor ordered 

while pounding her fist against the door 


I craw;ed on the cold tiled floor 

searching for a sharp object to relieve the pain 


'' Please Bri '' miley begged 

while wrestling with the hand; 


'' NO , I don't deserve to be here '' i yelled 

at that moment i came across a new clean razor in the bottom of the sink 


'' DONT DO THIS BRIANA'' I heard deem , scream sobbing between each breath 


I starred at my wrist were the previous scars had once been 

the cold metal against my skin felt relaving 

s the sting had came back to me .. the one thing i knew i deserved 


I took in one big breath and started sliding the razor

against by baby soft skin 

BUT before i could get any deeper 

the door was kicked open and the razor was in Mileys hands 


I saw my best friends crying over me . 

'' WHAT THE FUCK , WHERE YOU THINKING ? '' taylor yelled 

grabbing her beautiful blonde locks while starring at my bleeding wrist 


'' I DONT DESERVE YOU GUYS , I DONT DESERVE JUSTIN , I DONT DESERVE PATTIE , OR THIS LIFE , OR THE BOYS'' I cried while whipping the tears from under my hazel eyes 


I looked over at them , madison stood in disbelief , miley was chocked on her tears .

taylor wrapping my newly cut wrist , while deem was sobbing pacing back & fourth. 


'' NO , STOP ! You deserve everything and more .. I was you a year ago bri , thinking cutting solved the problems .. well guess what it fucking doesn't ! your not only hurting you but us too ! We need you . ALIVE i know where this will take you please stop '' deem cried . holding her wrist in her hands 


i quickly pulled away 

'' STOP DEMI , don't try to make me believe something thats not truss . IM FUCKING WORTHLESS ! Thats why justin wanted Selena . thats why i was led along and that why im cutting CAUSE IM WORTHELESS '' 


Madison looked up at me , tears in her eyes 

'' but your not , your the complete opposite . you have the voice of an angel . the looks of a goddess . and a heart made of gold .. the last thing you are is worthless '' she whispered 


I put my head in between my legs and rocked back and forth 

I felt taylor and miley lift me to my feet 


' Come on , lets go get some air '' miley whispered 

while taylor covered my eyes and led the way 


Justin's POV 


ryan : what do you think there doing man 

chaz : probally something girly 

fredo : panting nails 

cody : applying makeup 

jaden : doing eachothers hair 

twist : waxing there vaginas 


everyone burt into laughter . 


me : ew man 

fredo : why don't we ask them if they wanna chill 

jaden " yeah JB. maybe you can get on good terms 

me : yeah okkkkk sure 

ryan : you real screwed up 

chaz : yuppppp ... hey isn't that them ? 


We all ran to the back porch too get a good look 

they were all bouncing on Bri's trampoline 


me : hey lets all swing by guys 


I put on my red supras , leather jacket and walked out of the door 


Next thing i knew we were all headed to Bri's house 

and i don't know how this was going to end .. 

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