Made for eachother

Have you ever wondered what love felt like .. When 18 year olds Briana and Justin meet it isn't all peaches and cream , justin is in a bad boy phase where there is smoking and drinking involved , can she change his ways and turn him out to the boy everyone knows and loves or will he continue on the path that is going to lead him to death ? what happens when ex - girlfriends , fame , health , and police get involved in everything ? Can they continue the path there on or will everything come between the two! Read more to find out


3. Chapter 3

Cristies P.O.V
I was so excited for Bri to find out Pattie and her son Justin would be joining us for dinner ! Patty and I were best friends growing up but we lost contact when my family was forced to move to Florida when we had to take care of my grandma cause she was very ill ! When I found out I was moving I called Patty and we decided to house hunt together and we were both so excited when the house next to hers went on sale , I immediately purchased it ! I decided to keep this between my and Patty because I wanted to suprise my daughter with being best friends with the mom of the most famous teenage boy in the world.

Bri's P.O.V
" start getting ready baby girl " my mom screamed from down the stairs. I opened my suit case and searched for my baby blue dress it was a streppless sweet heart neck line with jewels at the waist ! It fit a couple inches above my knee so it showed off my long model legs ! I opened my door to my bathroom and pulled out my makeup and hair products I slowley straightedge my hair peace by peace and then curled the ends ! My hair was a perfect chestnut color that feel perfectly too my butt , after I applied light makeus as in eyeliner mascara and lipgloss to make my hazel eyes pop . As I pulled on my silver pumps , I heard my mom say they were on there way

I got up to go to the living room when I found a silver door , with music symbols on the front ! I had slowley turned the Handel to see a piano ! " oh my gosh " I said stunned ! As I was examining the room I also found a guitar , and microphone this was unbelievable ! My dream was to becom a singer since I was young but with my moms job I never got the time too. I slowley unchecked toward the bench leading to the piano , as I sat down once again I felt magic rush to my fingers and next thing I knew I was flawlsey flowing to the beat of rolling in the deep

Then before I even knew it the song was flowing off my tong like I had held it in forever
" there's a fire starting in my heart , reaching a fever pitch and it bringing me out the dark ,
Finally I can see you crystal clear , blah blah blah and I ll lay your ship glare
See how I sleep with every piece of you
* skips to corues *
Rolling to the deeeeeeeeeeeeep
Oh rolling to the deeppppp

Justin's p.o.v
My mom had told me we where going too her friends house for dinner , and I didnt wanna go but I was forced and it sucked ! All I wanna do is go with Iil twist and go drink to get my mind off Selena! As we were walking over to our new neighbor my mom was telling me that she has a daughter but it's not like I care all I want is my baby back !
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