Made for eachother

Have you ever wondered what love felt like .. When 18 year olds Briana and Justin meet it isn't all peaches and cream , justin is in a bad boy phase where there is smoking and drinking involved , can she change his ways and turn him out to the boy everyone knows and loves or will he continue on the path that is going to lead him to death ? what happens when ex - girlfriends , fame , health , and police get involved in everything ? Can they continue the path there on or will everything come between the two! Read more to find out


17. Chapter 16

bris POV

My chair was fully turned , and i couldn't believe my eyes 

because the mirror was convered with a big blanket 


I looked at Brit screeching my head confused on what was happening 

'' its a surprise , now go try on your outfit '' will said pushing me towards the stairs 

I walked up to soon here Brit yell 


'' without looking in the mirror '' 


I giglled and ran up to change into my clothes 

quickly i changed and ran back to my stylist downstairs

I was greeted with a excited britt and will waiting by the stairs 


'' HOT MAMA '' brit wissled 


'' if everyone thought you were beautiful before , i don't know what they

are gonna say know , cause baby girl your sticken'' will snapped 


i just think they are saying all of this to make me feel better 

'' you guys are over exaggerating '' i whispered 


'' OVER EXAGERATING , please if anything we are under exaggerating '' britt yelled 

I coudlnt help but laugh 


'' Whatever '' I stuck my tounge out 


'' well i guess its time for you to find out for yourself '' will gentley said while revealing the hidden mirror. 


I couldn't believe my eyes 

My hands traced my hair 


It was died to a perfect ombre look , 

brown on top and blonde on bottom 


My makeup was perfect . it was a brown smokey eye that 

popped out my hazel eyes


my eyelashes hitting the top of my eyelid and my skin perfectly blended

not an imperfection on my face .

It was the most beautiful I ever felt . 


'' wow '' was the only word i could speak . 


I could here brit and will google with happiness knowing I was pleased 


'' well baby girl , we want you to feel this great , every day so here you go' 

While brit said while dragging in my own persoonal set of makeup and hair tools


I couldn't say anything so i jumped into there arms 

and 2 secounds later we were all in a gigantic bare hug 


and on that note there was a light knock on the door 


Justin's POV 

I pulled up to bri's house 

and jumped out of my ferrari 


I went to the big brown doors and slightly knocked 

'' coming '' I heard her scream 


I couldn't help but giggle 

when the door finally opened i noticed

my moms stylust standing there 


Brit : OH Hey Justin 

Will : Sup biebs 

Justin : Coming to pick up bri what are you guys doing here ? 

Will : strict order from mama pattie

Brit : well don't be shy , come on in 


I walked in and sat on the coach 

I wonder what they were doing to her 

finally I heard heels walking down the stairs 


I saw a familiar face turn the corner 

bri : hey bieber 


wutttt? how is this possible .. she was perfect 

'' uhh h- h- hii '' i mummled 

she giggled and tucked her hair behind her ear 


her outfit suited her body , it showed all her curves 

Bri : Hey there justin 

Justin : you look beautify. 

Bri : not to shabby yourself , are you ready 

Justin : yea lets go 


We walked side by side to the car 

I think i was finally over selena bri had all the best qualities 

i put on my shades and waved to will and brit 


I saw bri run over and whisper something in there ear ,and then we drove off 


Bri's POV 


i ran over to will and brit and whispered 

'' i think i may like him '' in there ears 


I could tell they were happy when there smile spread ear to ear and they clapped 

Finally i jumped into the car with justin and we started heading to twist house 


Not gonna lie justin was looking good , he wore leather pants with gold suppras , a white snap back 

and a white and gold shirt with biggie on it 


'' you nervous '' he asked 


to be honest I was , meeting all of the big people , I don't know if they would like me or not 


I didn't even have the chance to answer before he said something else 

'' don't be , they will love you '' he said reassuringly 

me : thanks 

justin : anytime 


we finally pulled up to a gigantic house 

I saw bmw's , and mercedes , lexsus , and ferraris parked in the front 

so I was guessing everyone was already here 


Justin opened my door and we walked to the front of the house side by side 


Here goes nothing 


** authors note ** 

i hope you guys are enjoying , please like ,and favorite and comment 

I really enjoy everyones feed back and i really do try to add your suggestions 

don't be scared to tell me to update (: , i love you all and your a family to be . 

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