Made for eachother

Have you ever wondered what love felt like .. When 18 year olds Briana and Justin meet it isn't all peaches and cream , justin is in a bad boy phase where there is smoking and drinking involved , can she change his ways and turn him out to the boy everyone knows and loves or will he continue on the path that is going to lead him to death ? what happens when ex - girlfriends , fame , health , and police get involved in everything ? Can they continue the path there on or will everything come between the two! Read more to find out


42. Briana's POV

Briana's POV 

I was in Justin's dressing room , watching him get ready for SNL 

he was pacing up and down the room 

bri : baby your gonna do fine 

justin : please tell me how your my girlfriend again 


I laughed .. i don't know why he always doubted himself ! he was the most perfect guy i ever saw ... 

justin : i don't like niall and harry always texting you bri . it bothers me ... YOUR MINE . and i don't share 


he bit his lower lip and leaned down to kiss me 

bri : justin we're friends and there your friends too , you don't see me getting all mad when you give Madison piggy back rides , and tweet pictures with demi do you ? 


he stuck his tounge out at me . and grabbed my waist pulling me closer 

he leaned down to whisper in my ear 

justin : (whispering) but at the end of the day you wake up in my arms and fall asleep in mine . i only want you 


i pulled my hair out of the bun and let it fall down my back 

i was gonna have a little fun 

i wrapped my arms around justin's neck 

as his tounge slipped into my mouth . I bit his lower lip while pulling back and looking at him with a sexy smirk 


justin : really briana nicole .. you cant tease me like that before im about to perform ... ughhhh now im sexually fustrarted 

i put my hand to my mouth and laughed 


bri : oppppssss 

at that moment a worker came to get justin to take his place on stage 

bri : good luck babeeee , you'll do fine 


I took my place in the audience next to pattie to watch the show . the whole time i was crying laughing trying to breath 

but when he admitted to smoking weed my heart dropped . i couldn't handle drugs . nor i wanted to be around anyone who did them . no one knew why except two people my mom , and pattie ... and i planned to keep it like that .. i don't know if i could stay in this relationship if he continued smoking weed . i don't think i could 


Justin's POV 

i closed off the show and ran to get my baby 

i saw a cute little tan girl standing by the entrance back stage 

i put my hands over her eyes 


bri : who is this 

justin : ( deep voice ) i am your father 

bri : oh really ? i cant do certain things with my father now can i ? 


i could her her laugh fill up the room 

i turned her around now facing me 

justin : good thing im ur boyfriend 

bri : good thing 


she gave me a serious look 

bri : justin - you smoked weed ? 

justin : yeah but not anymore .. wby baby ? 

bri : i don't think i could continue this relationship if you did 

justin : don't worry . i would chose you anyday 


she smiled and shook off the subject 

her cute hazel eyes fluttered open , as she jumped on my back 

bri : nowwww carry me to the bus peasant 

justin : of course master 


I charged to the bus with her on my back 

bri : JUSTINNNN please don't fall 

justin : i will catch you if you fall 


i felt a thump in the back of my head 

bri : your so corny 

i opened the door to the tour bus laying briana on the couch and me on top of her . 



I was laying on the couch with justin on top of me 

i could see pattie and scooter behind me . laughing cause he didn't know they were in hear 

justin : babyyy ? 

bri : mhmmmm 


he gave me his famous smile , and tried to pull up my shirt . until i slapped his hand away 

bri : what do you think your doing ? 

justin : trying to be intement with MYYYY girlfriend 

bri : nope i don't think sooo 


justin hopped off of me still making complete eye contact 

justin : BRIIIII 

bri : yesss ? 

justin : when are you gonna let me make love to you 


I sat up now getting upset 

bri : Justin .. im a virgin and plan on keeping it like that ...


i could see him getting a little frustrated .. his face went hard and the smile well disaperd 

justin : but- 

bri : you knew that before you got into this relationship bieber . if you want out then go . i cant hold you back , just don't go doing drugs for the relief 

I got up and stormed out of the tour bus 


Justin's POV 

The door swung closed and she was gone 

I heard clapping coming from the background 

scooter : i truly love her .. talented , smart , beautiful , kind , and doesn't take your shit 

pattie : justin , you cant pressure her ... i completely respect her not wanting to have sex , and so should you 


My mom walked out of the bus , probally going to find her 

justin : scooter i love her . everything about her ! 

scoter: you messed up bieber ... might have lost her this time ! if there is one thing i learned its never to preauser a girl to doing something they don't want too . you'll always lose 


i was angry . i lost her . probally for good 

and to think tomorrow was our 1 month anniversary and the day her album came out 

what the fuck am i going to do ? 


i pulled out my phone and dialed twist number .. i needed to inhale the good shit and ehalle the bullshit 

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