Made for eachother

Have you ever wondered what love felt like .. When 18 year olds Briana and Justin meet it isn't all peaches and cream , justin is in a bad boy phase where there is smoking and drinking involved , can she change his ways and turn him out to the boy everyone knows and loves or will he continue on the path that is going to lead him to death ? what happens when ex - girlfriends , fame , health , and police get involved in everything ? Can they continue the path there on or will everything come between the two! Read more to find out


9. **Authors Note **

So everyone this is my first fan-fiction that Im actully dedicated to completing.

This is just the begging of the story and I promise its gonna get juicy ! PLEASE keep on reading , and If you favorite and like it , then it will let you know when new chapters are out.

! Please comment to remind me , when to update but other then that i promise to try to do at least 1 a night !

If this gets up to 15 likes and favorites I will pick someone to be in the story , but until then just know i love you and so does Justin

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