Right But Wrong

Zoe's starting her senior year in high school there's a new boy,a bad boy maybe she can try to get him to like her? maybe he already does? Her best friend Niall doesn't Know about her so called 'plan but he'll let her try it will there be fighting or will everyone live hapily ever after


2. The new zoe

    Zoe's p.o.v:

Niall and I walked to our locker's Zayn was closing his "hey Zoe" "ugh" I opened my locker and felt someone next to me "what was that?" Zayn asked,I closed my locker and looked at him 'He is perfect' I thought to myself and started to walk away until I felt someone grasp my wrist "you didn't answer me love" I started to panic what was I supposed to say? 'oh yea I'm just acting like this to get you to change and like me' I sighed "I'm just a bit grumpy today" he smiled "PMS!!" Niall yelled from behind us I quickly turned around "NIALL,SHUT UPPP YOU DON'T KNOW THAT" I turned back to Zayn I felt my face turn hot "don't be embarrassed I do have sister's" I rolled my eyes,snatched away and went to my class.


Zayn's p.o.v:

  'Well she get's mad pretty easily' I thought as I walked towards the blond haired kid "hey I'm Zayn,Sorry about yesterday I don't really talk to people thats why I didn't say anything" he looked at me "I'm Niall" and he walked away,I was left alone in the hallway.I walked in the classroom and Zoe was faced away from Niall he tried grabbing her shoulder be she shrugged it away I walked towards them "whats wrong Zoe?" she didn't reply Niall spoke up "why don't you just mind your own buisness?" I walked over to the side of the table Zoe was sitting at "Zoe do you want to talk?" she grabbed my face "No I don't,but thanks" "what ever you say" I stood up from my squating position and started to walk away "zayn" I turned around "text me" I nodded and went to my table 'maybe I'm getting her to like me' I said to myself.


Zoe's p.o.v:

    I started walking home,alone I was still pretty mad at Niall I heard some sort of vehicle behind me I turned and looked it was a mortorcycle It got slower and slower and I started walking faster I turned and looked again the motorcycle was fully stopped and the cyclist started to pull off his helment -Zayn,"hey you want a ride?" "no I'm fine" I started walking again 'are you sure?we can stop for coffee or something" "No Zayn!" "do I really have to beg!?" then I thought to myself 'I got you just where I want you' I turned around and walked towards the bike "so hop on" he said patting the back of the seat I walked over he handed me a helment that was on the back "here you go love" I strapped it on,he got on the bike and I hopped on after "hang on"I grasped his ribs "no not like that"he pulled my arms around him and I clasped them together once they touched,he smelled so good and I felt protected with him like I could stay like this forever.


Zoe's p.o.v:

 We pulled up to the coffee shop and me and Zayn got off the bike we walked towards the entrance I was ahead of him but I stopped "why'd you stop?" I folded my arms across my chest "aren't you gonna open the door for me?" He just laughed and yanked it open "there you go princess" he said in a sarcastic tone "don't get smart"I smiled "what do you want to get?" he asked "Surprise me"I walked over to a table and sat down.

  Zayn came back with two steaming cups "here you are love" I grasped the cup brushing my fingers against his "thanks" He sat down across from me "guess what it is" I smiled and slowly sipped off the cup "is this a chai tea latte?" he smilled and nodded 'remember Zoe you're playing the mean girl' "it's gross Zayn I hate chai tea" truth is I loved chai tea "really,do you want mine?"I shook my head "no I will go get a new one" I stood up and walked to the counter,I felt like such a bitch but hey maybe it's working.

Zayn's p,o,v:

   Zoe wasn't like this on the first day of school she was super sweet and happy maybe she was just acting mayeb she thought the same as me,change how you act get a reaction.She came back to the table and sat down "what did you get instead?" I asked "Chai tea latte" I looked at her "but you saud you hated chai tea lattes" she smiled "I wanted to get it myself" I couldn't believe this girl.



Zoe's p.o.v:

   Zayn dropped me off at my house after we were done at the coffee shop I got off the bike and he got off and reached out for a hug I rejected it "bye Zoe" I  rolled my eyes and walked away,I hated acting like this but who knows it might be working. I got a text message:

unkown number: Hey it's Zayn maybe Niall wasn't kidding when he said you were PMSing

I added Zayn's number to my phone


Zayn:Wow even in text you seem like you are

Me: whatever how come yesterday you were being a douche but today you were all mister nice guy??

Zayn:It was my first day yesterday,I didn't know anyone what did you expect

Me:whatever I'll see you at school plugged my phone in and went into the bathroom to take a shower.I let the hit water run down my back I was in there a  twenty minutes.I stepped the steamy room and across the hall to my bedroom "how did you get in here?" "um your mom let me in genius" "what do you want Niall?,I'm still mad at you" he looked at me "are you gonna get dressed?" I looked down at my towel wrapped body "yea can you get out?" "oh yea um I'll be in the hallway"Niall strolled out of the bedroom and I went towards my closet and pulled out my black leggings and a grey  pullover jumper Niall left here a few months ago I threw my hair up into a messy bun "come in Niall" he walked back into my bedroom "nice jumper" he sarcastically complimented he came over to me and pulled me into a hug "Zoe look at me" I looked him in the eyes "I came here to make things right  get other thing's off my chest" I looked at him puzzled h  leaned in pressed his soft lips against mine my whole y went numb I didn't know what to do I responded to the kiss with my own.

  "um I hope I'm not interrupting"I quickly pulled away from Niall,Zayn was standing there with my backpack -I must have left it inside the seat of Zayn's bike he sat it on the floor and I could see the annoyance in his eyes "za-" he turned around and left"what s that about?" Niall asked "I left my backpack in Zayn's motorcycle after we came from the coffee shop we were at" ll now looked pissed off "I should get going" I didn't even mean to kiss Niall it just happened.

           I am officially stuck in a war between these two.

                                                           A love war.

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