Right But Wrong

Zoe's starting her senior year in high school there's a new boy,a bad boy maybe she can try to get him to like her? maybe he already does? Her best friend Niall doesn't Know about her so called 'plan but he'll let her try it will there be fighting or will everyone live hapily ever after


1. first day

      Zoe's p.o.v:

     I've been dreading today the whole summer,the first day of school today was a fresh start I'm officially a senior.


 I got dressed,did  my  hair and what not. I heard something tap my window I quickly walked over and opened it "hey Nialler!"  me and Niall have been best friend's since ninth grade that's when he moved from Ireland to Manchester "hi Zoe,are you almost ready?" "yea let me grab my bag and i'll be out " he nodded.

   I ran downstairs and slung my bag over my shoulder "bye mum!" "by sweetie have a good first day" I ran outside to Niall and hugged him "so are you happy about being a senior?" he asks "sorta,no more dick heads and not having to deal with teachers then it starts all over again when we go off to uni" "true that, so what do you want to happen this year?" he asked as we walked "I don't know I  just don't want anything bad to happen that's all,what about you Niall what do you want to happen?" he hesitated "I don't know,find a girlfriend and to have fun" I smiled,he looked at me and grabbed my hand "maybe we'll end up together"I froze "I don't know Nialler,I like us as friends you know having a shoulder to cry on and you being as honest as can be  because your my best friend, and we can cuddle together and it doesn't have to be romantic I love just being your best friend it's like having a boyfriend just not all the extra stress and not ending up hurt you know?" "yea Zoe I get what you mean" we kept walking in silence until we seen the school in the distance "here we go again" I say to Niall as I grab his hand "here we go"he repeats.


Niall's p.ov:

    We walked through the school doors and there were people hugging and catching up me and Zoe walked to our locker which were pretty close together and there was a boy with black hair and he was wearing a leather jacket shoving things into his locker,he must be new "hey mate" I  say as I  walk toward my locker he just looked at me, closed his locker and walked away "he's cute" Zoe said from behind me " and rude" I added.I opened my locker and shoved my back pack in it, Zoe did the same."ready to go to class?" she asked I nodded "whats your first class anyways?" I asked her "um its social studys" I looked at my schedule "me too"she smiled and grabbed my wrist "lets go" we walked into the classroom and sat in the back  next to each other the dark haired boy from earlier came in and sat at the table next to us Zoe scooted her  chair back and stood up,I grabbed her hand "don't go over there"she just pushed my  hands away and walked away.

    Zoe's p.o.v

"my name's Zoe" I said as I stood by the new boys table,he looked up at me with his  liquid gold eyes "zayn" and that's all he said "well what brings you here,Zayn"he shrugged"maybe my parents wanted to keep me out  of trouble"I nodded "well if you need anything call or text me"I cautiously grabbed his hand scared he might snatch away I wrote my number on his  hand,he looked at it "ok Zoe" I got up and  back to my table "he's nice Niall" he just rolled his eyes "yea maybe to you did I hear him say that his parents wanted to keep him out of trouble?" I nodded "yea,he said KEEP he never said he was in trouble" The bell rang and the kids in the classroom all sat down as the teacher walked in.



Zayn's p.o.v:

    I walked down to the cafeteria  and I seen that Zoe girl with her little blond friend,she turned and looked at me and motioned me to go over where she was I kept walking,I don't know she was cute but too happy for me maybe if I start ignoring her she'll show her true self.

 Zoe's p.ov:

   "I told you her wouldn't want to sit by you" Niall said in a sarcastic tone "he didn't see me that's all" "he was looking right at you Zoe" I sighed "maybe I need to get a reaction out of him you know not act so nice" Niall looked at me "good luck with that" I smiled "he look's like kind of a bad boy so maybe it will work" I smiled "the new me start's tommorow"



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