my day with 1D

A one direction fan named Eliza gets invited to a special valentines performance by one direction and it is there that her life is changed for ever!


1. the big news

"Opening that envelope was the most heart stopping thing I ever did!" I practically screamed into the phone. "Eliza calm down and just tell me what happened" Abbey said with that usual careless tone. "Well when I opened the envelop and there was these two one direction tickets to a secret gig on valentines day!" I said. "Wait thats today so who are you taking and when is it?" Abbey asked. Well since I'm in a limo out side your house I was thinking you? and it starts in 1 hour." I said "OMG YES! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" Abbey screamed into the phone. "Um...... Wow so come out...." I was cut off by the sound of being hug up on but only to realise that Abbey was hopping into the limo with me.

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