my day with 1D

A one direction fan named Eliza gets invited to a special valentines performance by one direction and it is there that her life is changed for ever!


3. Dinner with the boys

"So Eliza have you enjoyed this so far." Niall asked. "Yer it's been fun." I said. "Look Eliza I know we just meet but..... I really like you. Well I mean love you." Said Niall. I didn't get a chance to respond because his lips touch mine and for those few seconds the world slowed down while we kissed I know I shouldn't be doing this but I have always adored him and it just felt so right but as he pulled away time started back up again and suddenly I was aware of everyone else in the room including the greasy I was receiving from my best friend Abbey. "What?" I said as everyone continued to stare at us and when no one answered I just continued eating my meal which seemed bland and boring compared to that kiss to be precise it was my first kiss.

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