I gave you my love you became my drug but then you dug a hole of distance
I opened up my heart and gave you my trust but all you wanted was lust
How could you do this to me you used me I cared you kept disappearing
I gave you my time I've listened but you wasn't hearing you used me I thought what we Had was real but it was only a dream that you crushed but when you left not one
Tear was shed the games you played soon will become a constant memory down your Path the math is solved we divided you used , abused what was given but truth be told you lost out on a good one I wecolmed you into my life you shattered my heart into pieces my body is my temple I'm glad I didn't let you in you used me
Gave me lost hope of finding a man I could trust and love into my arms again because in eyes love is a root of lies it no longer lives in my view you used me


2. What Matters

I love it when laughter is an echo in my ears and smiles are exchanged Between the ones who love me the Most here I toast to the ones who Always been there for me the woman Who carried me for nine months the man who been there since day one the one older brother who stands by My side if I had to decide I wouldn't because I wouldn't trade them in they Are the real friends in my life my real Family who makes my life complete I can always be me when I'm around In their presence they make me feel Loved and wanted and not any less Of a person sure there are ups and Downs but they don't linger around Too long my family and I will always Prolong they are the best listeners When I write poetry they understand When I create things they are amazed that's why they are my only family that will always be there in heart
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