Would You Ride With Me?

Hillary a small town girl. Meets the love of her life and spends a whole summer with him. Josh Hutcherson. 5 years later she gets a scholarship and goes to the city, a scary place. When she discovers Josh is in the same institution she finds out he has a girlfriend, the most popular girl in school. Hillary knows she loves Josh but she has to forget about him. And the only way was to fall in love with someone else. Logan Lerman, now she spends the summer with him. She ends up in a fight she cannot choose without hurting someone. She cannot win without loosing. Will she choose?


3. Chapter 3


He took me home and we said goodbye. He smiled at me and I said.

-Thanks, for bringing me home. 


He answered. I was dying for him on the inside but I know I had to keep it to myself. Because If Angelica Knows she will kill me. And I can´t steal Josh from her. If they love each other I should not get in their lifes. 

-See you tomorrow at school. 

Josh said


I said. But this was not true. I was planning to forget him. I was planning not to see him again. To avoid him. to get him out of my life. But I know I can´t do that because I AM in love with Josh. so I will just try not to see him. 


Today after school I saw him looking for me at my locker so I just ran into the girl´s bathroom and hid there until he was gone. I ran home and locked myself in my room. I was not entring facebook. It was new for me and it was cool getting used to technology but I was not going in. Maybe he was there. today Angelica didn´t invite me for lunch so I tried to make new friends. Logan and Alexandra. They are so awesome. I like them. I am considering making them my new friends. 


We went to starbucks, sat down and started eating. I was eating a cupcake. It was delicious. And I saw Josh enter the place and covered my face with my book. Some fans were following him, He gave some authographs and  they left. 


I started feeling my lungs heavier and It was hard to breathe. and I got enough air to ask.

-Alex, is this...cinnamon?

she nodded. Now I couldn´t breathe. 

-Are you ok, You´re like purple?

And I could move my mouth to say.

-I´m allergic.

And I tried to breathe but I couldn´t. Logan and Alex panicked and they grabbed all the attention of the people in there. 

I was dying there and I thought god please let them find the srynge.

My vision started getting blurry and then everything started fading to black. 


-Heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp! HEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!

My mother was asking for help she didn´t knoow about my allergy. Luckily there was the doctor near and he could save me. I thanked him a lot, he saved my life. How can I pay for that?

------------------------------------------------------------End of flashback-----------------------------------------------------

I woke up in my bed with Logan, Alex.....and Josh. Darn. why did he had to be there.


Logan said. 


i said wealky.

-Thank Josh he saved your life.

Alexandra said


-He found the srynge on your schoolbag.

-Oh thanks Josh. You saved my life. 


-so will you come to school tomorrow.

Logan asked.

-Yes it´s not that bad.

-Ok we´ll be waiting for you.


And they all left.

I got my diary out and wrote an entry.


Dear diary, I love Josh I love him. I still love him but I can´t or I shouldn´t. He has a girlfriend and I should not be a reason for them to end. He saved my life. Now how am I going to pay my debt.  I owe him my life. 



I felt better and went to the kitchen to find my mother Making breakfast. Yummy!

I ate all the fruit she gave me and took a shower. Took my bike and went for a ride. 


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