Would You Ride With Me?

Hillary a small town girl. Meets the love of her life and spends a whole summer with him. Josh Hutcherson. 5 years later she gets a scholarship and goes to the city, a scary place. When she discovers Josh is in the same institution she finds out he has a girlfriend, the most popular girl in school. Hillary knows she loves Josh but she has to forget about him. And the only way was to fall in love with someone else. Logan Lerman, now she spends the summer with him. She ends up in a fight she cannot choose without hurting someone. She cannot win without loosing. Will she choose?


2. Chapter 2


5 years have passed since I last saw him. But I´m still in love with him. He said he was an actor and that he was going to be famous. My parents are sending me to college and I will go to Other kind of scary place. Where people depend on technology. I have a scolarship and I wanted this for so long but i´m regretting it now.


 The smell here is different city I hate it, lots of people than what i´m used to see. 

-Congrats, Your first day of class.

-OMG she´s so pretty heard someone say and I turned to look at them. 


-Hi, Would you join us for lunch.



These uniforms suck. I hate them.   They were the pops(Populars) we were having lunch.

And then I saw Josh

-I know him.

I said

it was Josh

-Yes he is so handsome.

The blond one said. I nodded. And she looked at me with the snake eyes. 

 I hate them. I do but it´s mean to say it. So I kept it to myself.

After class I went to Josh´s locker. 


I said shyly. looking to the floor.

-Hi, Do I know you?

He said in a friendly tone. And I looked at him.


He said. I nodded smiling.

-It´s been so long.

He hugged me. And I hugged him back.

-I thought I would never see you again. 

I didn´t know what should I say to that so I just said.

-I thought that too! but here we are.

We talked and talked for a long time until I felt someone was watching me. 

I looked behind me and I saw The blond one. Her name is Angel. Well she´s pretty so that´s how they call her. But her real name is Angelica. Suddenly she came and Kissed Josh. 

-Hello my love

She said

-Oh Hi Angelica.

Josh said


-Ok Hello angel.

-Oh I see you have met my new friend already. Her name is Hillary in case you didn´t know.

I was still shocked. I thought he said he loved me.



We have been riding on our bikes for a long time. 

We stopped at the big tree. and we talked for hours.

-I love you.

He said

How can someone love you if you just met him. That´s weird but I said

-I love you too.

I thought  I was stupid .

And then He kissed me. And of course I kissed him back. My first Kiss was with Josh and I´ll never forget it.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------End of Flashback


I was about to cry. The knot on my throat was threatening to release a scream. and I gathered the strenght to say


-sorry I just... I have to go.

-But Hillary.

Josh said.

-Please stay.

Angelica said. But it was too late I was leaving already.


Angel said smiling evily. Now she hates me I thought while I was leaving. I hope she doesen´t try to ruin my life. Maybe she will. She thought I was stealing her boyfriend. But I didn´t even knew Josh Had a girlfriend.  I was at the other side of the street when I turned back to see Josh still looking at me and Angel at her phone. 

I don´t know If Josh still remembers about the Kiss and our tree. Because All the summer I spent with him seem like a thousand years ago.  Tears started coming and once I begin to cry I can´t stop. I couldn´t see anything because of the tears. Everything was blurry. I started running and Stopped at a tree. I sat down and cried and cried. Until I heard a motorcycle. I wiped my tears away. I suck at acting but I hope whoever it is will not notice. 

And I heard Josh´s voice

-Hillary, Are you ok. 

whithout looking at him I answered

-yes i´m o..

But my voice was too weak I couldn´t finish the scentence. I broke into tears again. 

He helped me get to my feet and wiped my tears.

-What happened.

-Nothing I´m totally fine. 

He didn´t dare to ask again because he understood it was non of his buisness

-I see.

He stopped and then said.

-Would you ride with me?


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Author´s Note

So did you like it, do you want more? 

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