Would You Ride With Me?

Hillary a small town girl. Meets the love of her life and spends a whole summer with him. Josh Hutcherson. 5 years later she gets a scholarship and goes to the city, a scary place. When she discovers Josh is in the same institution she finds out he has a girlfriend, the most popular girl in school. Hillary knows she loves Josh but she has to forget about him. And the only way was to fall in love with someone else. Logan Lerman, now she spends the summer with him. She ends up in a fight she cannot choose without hurting someone. She cannot win without loosing. Will she choose?


1. Chapter 1


Hi, My name is Hillary I am 14 years old and I live in this old town. This old town I love. Called Columbus. It´s a very very small town. And I know everyone here. Since it´s  approximately 200 people. I love waking up in the mornings with the smell of flowers in the garden and the sound of the birds singing.And the sound of my mother making breakfast. And I love the idea that today i´ll have to go to the last day of school. In my bike as always.


In here we don´t have lots of cars. Since we can´t afford them. But we have bikes and horses. Tourists  don´t come here very often because we have no internet . No computers, barely have TVs. It seems horrible but it isn´t. at least we have phones. Every morning I pass the bakery I inhale deeply. The smell of bread. It smells so good I can taste it. 

I was riding my bike Happily when I crashed into another person.

-Watch it please!

I said getting the dirt out of my clothes.

-I´m sorry....

He paused like asking my name.


I said and I looked at him. He was handsome! O yes he was. He was handsome and I was speechless.

-You are not from here are you?

I said meanly.

-Erm... no I came to visit my grandmother. 

-Who, Grandma Michelle?

-Eh yes. how do you know?

He stupidly asked.

-I know her duh. 

He was smiling at me. 

-What´s your name?

I asked


-Oh. I was about to go to the last day of school. 

I said

-I´m staying at grandma´s house for the summer. ...

...There was a long pause before he asked.

-Would you like to ride with me?


Please tell me what do you think This is the first chapter, If you like it comment, vote, like, FAN!

It means a lot.

If people don´t like it then what´s the point in writing it right?

I know my book it´s short chapters but the good thing about them is that they come almost everyday!



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