Incision in Time~

My short story English assignment. It's about a Pediatric Surgeon who is injured by a helicopter. When she awakes from surgery; she sees her co-worker hold her hand.


1. Whole Story.



            It was my first day on the job.  My four years of college, four years of medical school, one year of internship, and two years of residency are finally going to pay off, literally.  If I wasn't so passionate about this I would think I was crazy for the amount of money spent for all those years on my education.

            As I pull into the parking garage, I see the hospital.  It has a beautiful garden in the front.  You see all the colors of the rainbow and more.  It has a tall bronze water fountain in the center of the garden.  Next are white stone pillars which support a clear roof which extends out from the frontage to help keep patients from the elements as they enter or leave the building.  The hospital is five stories high and is covered in glass, white, and earth-tone brick.  It really is a beautiful sight to see.

            As I park my car I have to sigh.  This is it, my finest moment.  I pin my credentials onto my lab coat.  “Blessed Mary Hospital” is on the crest of my badge under which is my photo and name “Dr. Peters.”  My name is Martha Peters, although I prefer to be called May.  Beneath my name is my title, “Pediatric Surgeon,” followed by a security bar code.

            I take my first steps into my initial job as a surgeon.  Today I am scheduled to perform a Tonsillectomy on a four year old little girl, as well as a procedure on a five year old boy in which his right leg will be lengthened.  His right tibia is shorter than his left.  I will to make an incision into the right tibia, insert two metal pins.  Once the incisions are sutured, a device will be attached to the pins which are protruding from his leg.  The balance of my shift will be determined on an “as needed” basis.

            The Tonsillectomy is not scheduled until ten o’clock, so I go into the doctor’s lounge to study over her charts. I’m deep in concentration when I hear the door open. A cute doctor walks in. I go back to looking at the chart. He then asks “Do you want something?” I instantly look up and around the room. I am the only other person in here. “No but thanks anyway,” I reply.

            “Are you the new doctor around here?” He asks. “Yes, I am the new Pediatric Surgeon.” He probably thinks that I am self-arrogant. I hope he doesn't  he is actually pretty cute. He has short blonde hair, gray-blue eyes, a tall slim frame, and looks like he is about 32 years old.  We look nothing alike, but don’t they always say opposites attract. I on the other hand I have green eyes; I am only 5’8, 29 years old, and a brunette. My dad always said I was a treasure. Brunettes with green eyes are rare. “Hi,” he reaches out his hand. “My name is Dr. Albert Knightley, but my friends call me Al.” I reach out my hand and slide my fingers to his palm, and shake back. “My name is Martha Peters, but I prefer to be addressed as May.” “Pleasure to meet you,” he said. “Same to you,” I replied. Then he walks out of the room. I look down at my watch; it’s time for the Tonsillectomy.

            It was noon and I was heading out for lunch. The procedure went extremely well, the girl, Ashley was her name, has already been discharged. She has been informed to drink plenty of fluids and soft foods. Anyway, my plans for lunch only consisted of going to Subway for a sub. As I am heading out the door, I start to hear my name being called. I turn around to see Al walking toward me waving. “Hi,” I say. “Hey, is it your lunch hour?” He asks. “Yes.” “Ha, so is mine. I was wondering if you would like to join me. As long as you don’t already have plans, I wouldn't want to intrude.” “No, I’m free.” “Great,” a big smile appears on his face. “I’ll drive,” he says.

We exit out the doors and take a right towards the parking garage. I am walking next to him until he takes a direct left towards a black Dodge Challenger. “Nice car,” I comment. “Thanks.” He unlocks the doors and opens mine to left me in, and closes it when I am buckled in. He walks around and gets in the drivers seat.

“So where would you like to go for lunch?” He asks. “Um,” I hesitate. “I don’t know this place as well as you, so how about you pick.” “Okay, how about Oceanside Bistro?” “Never had it before, but sounds good.”

It didn’t take very long to get to the restaurant. It was a cute little place, one story, blood red bricks, and a black roof. It has a cozy feel to it on the inside. If it was winter they would have the fireplace burning. We sat down in a dark blue colored booth. We both ordered a sandwich and a drink. Then he asked “What brings you to “Blessed Mary Hospital?” “Well, I just finished my two years of residency and I had been applying to hospitals everywhere. Blessed Mary Hospital was one of the hospitals that accepted me, and I searched about the city and hospital. I liked what I heard. What brought you to Blessed Mary Hospital?” Our food comes before he answers. “I was raised here and when I started to become interested in the medical field, I knew I was going to come back and work at that hospital. I help support my parents when times become tough.” He told me. “Aw that’s so sweet of you. My parents died in a car accident two years ago.” “Oh my, I’m so sorry.” I gave him a half smile and we ate in silence for a few minutes before my pager starts to go off. “Sorry but I’m needed back at the ER.” He paid for the bill and we sped back to the hospital. As soon as we step through the door I see two nurses holding surgical gloves and protective eye glasses.

            We get up to the roof where the air care helicopter will land. The helicopter is slowly landing. When the helicopter lands, we rush toward it to get the patient. She’s an eight year old with a GSW to the thigh. Possible hit the femoral artery. While trying to get her the chart goes flying and without thinking I go after it. I bend over and pick it up, but I miss judged how close I was to the still moving helicopter blades. When I stand back up, I suddenly fall back down. I don’t know what happened; I just fell for no apparent reason. I hear screaming but maybe it’s about the little girl. I try to get up but then an excruciating pain rips through me. It feels like I’m sweating. My back is all wet so I try to touch it but then a sharp pain goes through my upper right arm. It also feels wet, I look down. I’m bleeding.

            I’m now in the trauma room, where doctors and nurses are scrambling around the room. I hear orders coming from the doctors. “She has a ruptured spleen, and we need more O negative blood!” I try to say something but it comes out as a whisper. A nurse sees I’m trying to say something and leans in close to my face. “I’m A positive” I say faintly. She looks up and says “Cancel the O negative and get A positive.” I try to relax. It actually isn't that hard. They have enough morphine in my system to where I don’t feel very much. Then I remember about the eight year old girl. I hope she is okay. Which surgeon is operating on her? Then I am tapped on the shoulder. I open my eyes to see a doctor standing there. “Doctor Peters,” he says. “I need you to sign this consent form for your operation. You were cut open in the back from the helicopters blades. One of your kidneys is damaged and when you fell your rib punctured your spleen. We will also reconnect the tissue in your back and arm.” I take the form with my left hand and sign with my right.

I’m lying on the cold operating table. The cold makes me shutter and pain ripples through me. I have an IV in my arm that will inject the anesthesia. After I’m put to sleep I will be intubated. The anesthesiologist told me to count down from ten “Ten, nine, eight, sevvenn, ssixx…” is all I get out before I drift off from the anesthetic.

I’m dreaming. I have to be dreaming. I’m young again about fifteen years old. I’m at a carnival and it is not an ordinary carnival. There are dolphins, tigers, and penguins. I start to walk around trying to figure out where I should go. Then I see it, the Ferris wheel. It has always been my favorite ride. I’m aboard the Ferris wheel and a monkey latches my lap bar! How bizarre! The Ferris wheel stops and I’m at the top. All of a sudden he appears. There he is Al Knightley, but a younger version. I don’t question how he got there although I really should. After we get off the Ferris wheel, he drags me over to a carnival game. He won me a prize! I feel like I am in a teenage love story. When I look up he’s gone. Next thing I know is that my body is being launched up into the sky and then…

 My eyes flutter open and the first thing I see is him. He is hunched over me. I think he is sleeping, but his hand is connected to mine. I take a second to take in the moment.  I smile and slightly shift my body. I make a low groan from the pain. His head shoots up and he has a worried expression on his face. He looks into my eyes and his expression softens. I smile the best I can and he smiles back. All I can think about is my crazy, wonderful, confusing, most amazing, anesthetic-caused dream ever. It warms me to know he is here with me after my accident, even though his shift probably ended hours ago. When I look up he puts his other hand on my face, slowly leans in and kisses me gently. I know I don’t know him all that well but everything about it just feels right.




~The End~

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