The Day I Married You (Sequel to The Day I Met you)

After Josh and Cassie´s Honeymoon. They return to Kentucky. Time passed and they had a beautiful daughter named Sunny. After filming their first movie they get called for another and another. But something is about to happen. Something they did not expect. Something is about to change.


3. Chapter 3


Cassie POV

-To the Sunny Island!

said Josh


I said

-Daddy you bought an island fo me?

Said Sunny

-For us!

-Josh are you crazy?!!!

-Nope I just thought some long vacations would be cool

Yep, He was crazy. Totally. But i liked the idea. 

He had all of our stuff packed and was ready to leave like right in that moment. 

-Ok Josh let´s go.

I just smiled.

-Yay daddy we´re going on vacation.

Sunny was really happy. 


Josh POV


I really planned this. I have a huge mansion built in the Island already. 

I did this because as actors Cassie and I haven´t had much time with sunny so I want to get those three years back. Sunny deserves them.



Cassie POV

Ok I was wrong. Josh wasn´t crazy He was trying to get the lost time with Sunny back. I noticed. He was as happy as sunny.

We got to the Island and Josh had a surprise for us. A huge mansion. Sunny was impressed by the huge pool. There were dolphins everywhere around the island and she couldn´t wait to go out and play with them. She came back with a bruise on her knee. 

-What happened Sunny?

I said really worried. 

-I fell mommy.

I swear she is just like me. Getting hurt every minute. I kissed her knee. 


-Yes mommy it doesen´t hurt anymore!

I love her so much!

-Now go! keep playing with your friends. 

She smiled and nodded. She went to snorkel. Josh went to play with her too. But not me. I am afraid of the water. 



Josh POV

Cassie didn´t want to come she said she was afraid of dolphins. She decided to stay on the boat. I am really happy we are with Sunny. I wish we could stay here forever.



Cassie POV

I was filming sunny on the boat when I tripped and fell....


-------------------------------------------------------Author´s note

Hi! I´m happy cause I got to post this chapter. Im sorry for making you all wait. I hate myself. I think this book is going to be short. Like some vacations and that´s it. because I just realized I don´t have much to write about. PM me if you have any ideas you want me to add or comment. Thanks. :)

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