The Day I Married You (Sequel to The Day I Met you)

After Josh and Cassie´s Honeymoon. They return to Kentucky. Time passed and they had a beautiful daughter named Sunny. After filming their first movie they get called for another and another. But something is about to happen. Something they did not expect. Something is about to change.


2. Chapter 2


Josh POV

-Josh I´m going to an audition. Can you take care of sunny please?

said Cassie.

-Yes of course my love but I have to tell you something important. 

She didn´t hear me. 

She left and I played wii with sunny. 

Then I couldn´t wait no more so I called Cassie. 


-Don´t go to the auditions and come home right now please. I need to tell you something it´s a surprise. 

I hang up the phone and wait.  I couldn´t let her go to the auditions she is so good I know before the auditions she got the role. Her acting comes out naturally. But I have to stop her I want to tell her something really important. 

When she arrived I told them.

-We´re moving. 


she said looking everywhere searching for the cameras.

-Are you serious. 

She said. 

-Yeah I am.

-But where?

-We are moving to......

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