The Day I Married You (Sequel to The Day I Met you)

After Josh and Cassie´s Honeymoon. They return to Kentucky. Time passed and they had a beautiful daughter named Sunny. After filming their first movie they get called for another and another. But something is about to happen. Something they did not expect. Something is about to change.


1. Chapter 1


Cassie POV

So Josh and I went on the airplane and waved goodbye to our families. And prepared for a long vacation. 


Josh POV

After the wedding. I went home and gave michael and driver to Connor, all the food and all the stuff he´ll need. I also gave him Drive´s medicine because he has a problem with his leg. 

-Bye Josh Have a great honeymoon!

a-Thanks Connor. Take good care of Driver and Michael. 

-Sure I will. I promise!


In the plane Cassie and I talked and talked about what we were doing and where we were going. And what we would need. Then we arrived in the airport of Hawaii. It was all perfect. 


Cassie POV

Joanna Called me. She said she was sorry. She said she was stupid and she should not be jealous. Enough for me. and the best part is we are friends again!  She said she has a boyfriend and they really love each other. I´m happy for her.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 months later------

Cassie POV

When we came back to kentucky. Connor was sad he will have to give michael and driver back.

You can come and visit them anytime you want. 

Josh told me to cover my eyes and to come with him.He told me it was a surprise.  

we walked for a long time until he said

-Open them. 

I opened my eyes and in front of me was a huge beautiful house. It was perfect. 

-It´s for you. 

He said. and we kissed. A BIG surprise. 

And we moved to that house. 

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- later.

-Congratulations... you´re pregnant. 

the doctor said. 

Josh and I were really happy. we were going to have a baby! 

-It´s going to be a boy. 

I said.

-I bet it´s a girl.

Josh said. 

And it was a girl. A beautiful baby girl.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 years later

Cassie POV

-Come here sunny I got a present for you. 

Josh said as he got out a tiny velvet box out of his pocket. Sunny our loved daughter. today is her birthday. she is 3 years old. And she makes us so happy. Josh and I finished filming before I got pregnant and the next movie we will be in is the sequel. 

Joanna is happily married and has 2 kids. Her husband Bryan is a guy we met a long time ago. 

Sunny goes to swimming classes. She is really good at it. Josh calls her his little mermaid. 

She opened the box to find an expensive necklace. With real diamonds in it. It was his birthday gift to her. I gave her something different a pair of pink expensive shoes with real pearls in it. well maybe not so different. 


Josh POV


Cassie and I have been living in this house for almost 4 years and 3 with Sunny. My daughter. She is really smart . And she is my little mermaid. I love both of them so much. They make me the happiest person in the world. 



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