If only things could be unseen

Some things look normal but do you really know the story? Some houses quiet ever taken a look behind the curtains? Well that's exactly what Krista plans on doing, but you never know who's watching or what's waiting behind the door.


2. Saturday

I woke up around 10 a.m it was Saturday and I decided it was time to call my best friend Caitlin and tell her what happened last night. I dialed her number and it rang for a while but nobody answered. I guess I won't tell her yet. I got dressed and walked downstairs to find my mom sitting on the couch. "Morning" I said walking into the kitchen. "Morning" she said. I looked out the kitchen window, nothing unusual. I got some toast and sat down at the table. My mom walked into the kitchen and said "Your dad left for work earlier and I'm gonna be leaving for a while. Lock the house if you go anywhere." "Ok well see you later" I thought about telling her about the lights in the house but she wouldn't believe me. "Mom why doesn't anyone live in that one house?" I asked. "What house?" she looked confused. "You know the house the one house" I gestured towards the window. "Oh that house" she said with a worried look in her eyes. "I'm not sure, but I'm leaving now. Bye" She walked out. I could tell she knew something. Something she wouldn't tell me. I put my plate in the sink and dialed Caitlin's phone number again. Still no answer. I decided to go over to her house. I grabbed my house keys locked up and started walking. I stopped in front of the abandoned house looking at it. Nothing looked wrong with the house. Why wouldn't anyone want to live there? I kept walking, I walk everywhere I don't have a car. After 10 minutes I was at her house. I knocked on the door. Her dad answered the door "Caitlin's asleep" he said "can I go wake her up?" I said knowing his answer "You can try" he said walking into the living room. I walked up to her room "Caitlin get up!" I whined shaking her. "What do you want" she asked still half asleep. "Caitlin I have to tell you something important" She sat up "fine what?" I shook my head "Not here." She got up "Go downstairs and wait for me" I nodded and walked downstairs. "Did you get her up?" her dad asked. "Yep we're gonna go walking if that's ok" I knew he wouldn't mind. "Don't let her come back" he joked. "Ok" I laughed when she walked downstairs. "Talking about me again?" she giggled crossing her arms. "Duh" I giggled. We said bye to her dad and left out the door. "So what's so important?" she asked. "Wait till we get to my house" I said "I don't want anyone over hearing" We stayed silent untill we passed the house. I stopped and stared at it. "Krista?" Caitlin said "You coming?" I broke my gaze "Oh uh yea". We walked inside my house. "Now tell me" Krista said to me. "Last night when I was walking home" I paused "There was a light on inside a house". She looked at me confused. "Yea so?". I looked at her "Caitlin the abandoned house" I said quietly. Her mouth dropped. "Are you sure" I nodded "I'm sure" She looked at me "What did you do?". "I came inside and layed down, but I couldn't help not knowing what was going on so I went to investigate. I was about to look in the window when..." I paused "When what?" She asked quickly. "When he grabbed me" She looked shocked. "Who grabbed you what happened?" "His name was Ricky I couldn't see much but he looked our age. He said he didn't want them to hurt me said their bad people. I think he saved my life Caitlin" I looked down. "We have to find him." she said them added "I can already tell you feel something for him." I looked up "shut up" I whined. She grinned "You do you like him. What happened next?" I waited a second. "He told me to go home so I did and when I looked out my window he was gone" I shrugged. "I wonder who he is" Caitlin said. "Maybe we should check out the house." I suggested "it is broad daylight" she looked at me nervously "Krista no. You said that guy probobly saved your life from those people we aren't messing with them they could be killers for all we know!" I sighed "I guess your right". "Thank you" she said "Now we have to find your man" she giggled. I gave her a really did you just say that face "He's not mine". "He will be" she said giggling.
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