Summer Loving

Abbie was just ordinary. She had skipped college and left home. She lived on her own. All she wanted was company. Until she met Liam. Liam wanted her, but Abbie's secret past caused them to never be together. It was forcing Abbie to have no joy. Will Liam teach Abbie how to love again?


1. The knock at the door

Abbie's P.O.V:

I woke up. Another day of tiresome life. I love life, but sometimes it can be a real handful. Especially for someone like me. I live with no one, well apart from my puppy Benjy, and life is dull without any love. I read these love stories, but it's not the same. Real love never works out. Never worked out for my parents, anyway. My parents divorced when I was 7. I don't remember my dad well. My mum told me that love didn't exist and nobody can ever find real love with another. She called love a myth, but I didn't believe that. I do now. My time from watching princesses get their dreams has left. Nobody gets happy endings. Not even the people who deserve it. All my mum said was right. And I never found anyone. No one asked me on a date in middle school and I didn't go to the Last School Waltz at my school before I left.
My phone began to buzz. "Hello?" I ask.
It was mum.
"Hi babe," mum says. "Just wondering if you got that bottle of milk..." She sniffles.
"Um, no. You never asked me for one. Besides, you live an hour away from me. I wouldn't go to the corner shop to buy milk for you." I say. "Mum, I'm really tired. Please, I just want a
"Fine," mum says. She hung up.
I sigh. Suddenly, I hear a large van arrive outside my house.
I then hear my doorbell ring. I open the door fully. "Yes?" I groan. My hair was scruffy and I smelt so badly.
"Hi," A fairly tall, dark haired guy smiles. "I'm Liam. I've just moved in opposite you."
I stare at him. I regret not wearing deodorant for a month now - I bet I smell of a pig.
"Uh... H-hello!" I say. "Nice to meet you, I'm Abbie. Sorry I'm not even dressed. It's not something you really want to see your neighbour as."
Liam chuckles. "It's fine."
My phone yells, "To infinity and beyond!". I had a text message from Sarah. I ignore it.
"Was that... Buzz Lightyear?!" Liam scoffs.
I blush scarlet. "Um, yes... Childish, I know. That's what everyone thinks. They think I'm an idiot watching Toy Story over and over again."
"I do that too, you know..." Liam murmurs, facing the ground.
My eyes widen and I don't feel like collapsing in a heap and start sleeping. I giggle.
"Let me get dressed. Then you're welcome to pop back in 10 minutes for a cuppa." I say.
"Really?! Thanks. I'll be back in 10 then." Liam smiles and strolls across the street.
As I shut the door, I breathe heavily. I have never loved, but this feeling felt more than just "like".
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