Summer Loving

Abbie was just ordinary. She had skipped college and left home. She lived on her own. All she wanted was company. Until she met Liam. Liam wanted her, but Abbie's secret past caused them to never be together. It was forcing Abbie to have no joy. Will Liam teach Abbie how to love again?


3. Shopping

Liam and I were guided by three, tall, strong security guards. The shop was silent as the screaming fans weren't aloud inside.
We finally arrive at the DVD section. "Ok," Liam says. "Which one?"
There were loads of DVDs that caught my fancy. I sigh. "You obviously watch movies with your mates, which ones do you like?"
Liam looks at me, narrowing his eyes. He walks down the isle and picks up a Bluray DVD. "The Woman In Black," he says.
It sounds scary. I took it. "I don't have Bluray."
"I do," Liam snatches the DVD off me and grins. "You really want to watch it?"
I shrug. "Of course,"
Liam and I chose several others, purchased them and pushed our way through the fans. They were yelling abusive threats at me now.
Liam raises his right hand. "Everyone stop!" He orders. "Abbie is my neighbour and we're just mates."
I nod my head in agreement. Like I said, love doesn't exist. Not even when you're inlove. You break up and figure out love isn't real.
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