Summer Loving

Abbie was just ordinary. She had skipped college and left home. She lived on her own. All she wanted was company. Until she met Liam. Liam wanted her, but Abbie's secret past caused them to never be together. It was forcing Abbie to have no joy. Will Liam teach Abbie how to love again?


2. Getting ready

Ok, so I have a terrible closet. I have no sense of style whatsoever, so trying to impress Liam was going to be tricky.
I decided to throw on some jeggings and a Jack Wills jumper. I add some slippers onto my feet and shuffle downstairs.
I enter the kitchen and get the kettle boiling.
I then hear a soft tapping at my door and I knew it was Liam. I open the door to find Liam smiling at me.
"Hey," he said with his soft, caring voice. "May I come in?"
I nod my head slowly. "I'm just boiling the kettle. Just settle yourself down on the sofa." I say, showing him the messy living room.
I rush into the kitchen and finish making the tea. I then walk carefully into the living room and hand Liam his tea. I sat down beside him.
"So, what made you move down here? It's not the most interesting place." I say.
"Well, it seemed a nice place. Especially this neighbourhood. All the neighbours are so kind and welcoming... Including you. You're the only one that really got talking to me." Liam tells me.
I giggle. "Really? Thank you!" I smile at him, my cheeks are beginning to burn again.
There was an awkward silence between us, until Benjy (my dog) raced down the staircase yapping.
Liam turns around. "How cute - you have a dog?!"
"Yeah.. His name is Benjy. I got given him from my, uh, Uncle..." I lie.
That was so not true. I couldn't tell anyone about what has happened in the past. It's just not a possibility.
Liam looks at me, concerned. "You ok?" He asks me. "You seem a bit sad."
"It's nothing, Liam..." My lips tremble when I say his name and I then burst out crying. I needed to let it all out. I couldn't stop it, I've never cried about it for 6 years. I've blocked it out of my mind.
"There, there..." Liam whispers, stroking my hair.
I freeze. He stroked my hair. It was fine, but felt awkward. I look up at Liam.
"Um... Sorry, about that. Just me and my past, whatever. It really doesn't matter." I say. "How about we watch some TV?" I ask, changing the subject.
Liam nods, "Good idea. What's on?"
"Well..." I flick through all the channels, but most of them were all boring. House-hunting and old women programmes blurred through through the speakers.
I sigh. "Completely nothing."
"We could watch a movie?" Liam suggests.
I hesitate. The only movies I own were Toy Story. "Um.. Well.. Ok, but I don't have many." I crawl over to the almost empty shelf and pick up the 3 Toy Story movies.
Liam laughs and throws his head back. "Come on, we're going out. Lets go and buy some movies for you."
I walks over to me and helps me up. I follow him.
I walk outside to find he had a red Ferrari parked outside his new house. I gasp.
Liam unlocks it and opens the door for me. I quickly hop in, longing to know what a Ferrari is like inside. He could tell I've never been in one.
Liam starts the engine and drives me to the nearest store. It was strange, because I hadn't been out of my house in months. Maybe years, even.
As we arrived at the shop, I couldn't help but notice that there were girls talking and some were crying.
"What's going on there?" I ask.
Liam sighs. "I wasn't going to tell you this in case you freak out, but you didn't notice when I walked through your door..."
"Well all I saw was you and your...muscles." I squeak.
Liam chuckles and says, "I'm Liam Payne. You know, from One Direction?"
I shrug. I have no idea who One Direction was. "One Direction?" I repeat.
"It's a band. And I'm part of it. But... We're known. People recognise us..." He pauses. "Well, only some people recognise us." He adds with a soft smile.
So I was going into a store with a member from a world-famous band. Great. There's bound to be paparazzi everywhere. They will mess up the whole story, assuming we're going out. I sigh. I look out the window and saw girls growling at me.
"Don't worry," Liam assures me. "They're just fans, they don't hate you."
I reply, "I know..." I sniff and hop out of the car.
All I hear is screaming, shouting and a loud man escorting Liam and I to the store without being hurt.
Wow. So that must be the fantastic, interesting life Liam lives. Screaming girls and security guards. Ah, wonderful.
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