All your little things


1. Valentine's Day

           I wake up to the feeling of pressure on my lips. When i open my eyes, i see a pair of gorgeous brown eyes staring into mine. "Good morning love," Zayn said once I was fully awake. "Good morning  What's all this for?" I ask him once i see the plates of food surrounding the bed. "Happy Valentine's Day, now open up," was all i got from him before he stuffed a fork full of pancakes into my mouth. i couldn't help but moan from the delicious taste of the pancakes. "Mm mm, this really good thank you," i try and say with a mouthful of food. Zayn just smiled at me with adoration evident in his eyes. "Your welcome, now get dressed I'm taking you on a little trip,"he told me before he left the room to change. Right when i was about to get up and change, Zayn pops into the room saying to put on a dress. I wore a peach colored sleeveless dress that flowed to my knees. With it i wore my black heeled boots, a black cardigan, and had my hair up.

           I went down towards the living room and found Zayn at the door. "Ready love?" "I guess, but where are we going?" "Somewhere special," was all he told me before he dragged me to the car and started to drive off. When he finally parked the car, i saw that he took me to the park. "How come we're at the park?" "I thought it would be nice to bring you here on such a beautiful day." "Aw how sweet of you." We spent about two or three hours at the park before we ate lunch. "Could you wait right here Luna please? I just need to get something from the car." "Um sure, I guess," was all i got to say before he went running towards the car. I waited there for about 5 minutes before he came back with a picnic basket in hand. "You planned us a picnic? How sweet of you!" "Well I wanted this day to be special for you." Zayn then started to take out sandwiches and sweet deserts from the basket.

            We ate in peace until he brought out chocolate covered strawberries. " I know you love them so I decided to bring some just for you. Now open up," he told me while holding out a strawberry. I bit into it, but then Zayn started laughing. "What's so funny?" "Nothing, its just you've got a bit of chocolate on your upper lip." And instead of wiping it off like a normal person, he licked the chocolate off. "Was that really necessary?" I asked him teasingly. "Yes. Yes it was," he said before chuckling, "now are you ready to go?" "Go where?" "I' taking you to a movie." "Alright lets go then." He took my hand, intertwining his fingers with mine, while we walked back to the car. The car rode from the park to the movies was quiet. It wasn't one of those awkward quiet but a nice comfortable quiet.

             During the whole movie I kept sneaking glances at Zayn. After the movie, Zayn dragged me back into the car. "Where are we going this time?" "We're going some place special," he told me showing a cheeky smile. I looked out of my window and saw we were going to a cliff. "Are we going to where I think we're going?" "That's right. We're going to the place where we had our first date. When he finally parked the car, Zayn ran all the way to my door and opened it. "Why thank you kind sir." "You're welcome my lady." He walked to the car and retrieved a picnic basket.

                   We ate a romantic dinner under the stars. "This was the best night ever." "And it's about to get better." "What do you-" I was cut off when I saw what Zayn was doing. He took out a little box, got down on one knee, and faced me. "Luna I love you with all of my heart. I want us to grow old and have kids together. Will you do me the honors of becoming my wife?" "Yes, yes. A thousand times yes!" I told him before attacking him into a hug. He kissed me passionately before slipping a beautiful diamond ring into my finger. "Mrs. Luna Malik. I like the sound of that." "So do I."

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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