Shaking Steady Grounds

Born far off in a family of cats in a thick forest nestled in a valley, this short story takes on the view of two cats, Midnight and Trickster, who were both destined for greatness. Though in the wooded glen where they find themselves, they soon find out that they were also destined for divided ways. (Comments, likes, and faves would be greatly appreciated~ Mitchell)


2. Summer's Revelation

The twenty-first of June had come, and thus summer began. It was on that day the cats would receive their honorary positions in the family. Midnight, who had now become mastered in hunting, was selected to be one of the best hunters the family had ever come to meet. Despite his young age, he was also appointed to be the teacher of hunting and combat. The only requirement that prevented Midnight from becoming an elder of the family was merely his age. He became highly respected, and even the elders themselves swallowed their pride when he walked by. His presence in the family brought a feeling of hope to the family.

His brother, Trickster, would receive the position of the highest priest in the land and the teacher of navigation. By birth, he was well given the authoritative voice of both wisdom and knowledge, something that the family had lacked for too long. Though it was odd that a young cat would become the highest priest, Trickster was far above the rest. In a long debate, he argued that cats of the philosophical arts should not need to show their claws. He said that it would be against the will of philosophy to show your claws because it resembled pain and agony and war, all of which was not to be dealt with if you were born of soft and smooth fur. To this argument, Trickster had won, and for showing his superior knowledge against the high priest at the time, Trickster would usurp the position. Just like his brother, Trickster made the elders look like fools as he walked by.

The priests and hunters were supposed to have as little contact as possible with each other, but Trickster and Midnight would see to it that they met each night. Nothing could split the two cats apart from each other, not even the silly customs of the family. Even then, with Trickster's political power, which he had obtained, it was almost certain that he could change their minds. Midnight was truly trusting his life with Trickster, and Trickster was truly trusting his life with Midnight. The two brothers promised that they would never forsake each other, and they would see to it that that promise was kept.

When Midnight was out on his hunting trips, Trickster would climb to the top of a meadow on a hill and stare off into the direction which Midnight went. All alone Trickster sat there, patiently waiting for his brother's return while tears filled his eyes. He felt the breezy wind go against his fur as he waited. Though Midnight had always come back, Trickster couldn't help but to worry for his brother. Only until Midnight's return would Trickster come down from the hill to greet him.

"Brother you have returned," Trickster smiled and continued, "It is very good to see you again."

Midnight put his paw on Trickster's shoulder and boasted, "As I always do brother. Nevertheless, it is good to see you again as well."

"I know, but I cannot help but to worry. It seems as if years pass by when you are gone."

"I understand. You should get some rest; it looks as if you could use some. Even as our high priest, I don't think you should worry for us that much."

Trickster looked down and nodded his head. Quickly though, he noticed Midnight had a cut on his side. Trickster immediately questioned, "What happened?!"

Midnight casually looked to his cut and said, "It is nothing but a scratch to me. Now please get some rest, brother."

Trickster listened to his brother and went to get some rest. He couldn't help but to feel guilty, for still he had yet to reveal that he had no claws. Nights passed and Midnight found Trickster sitting on the hill where he usually went. It was dark, and their eyes reflected the white light from the moon. Midnight walked up and sat by Trickster for a moment.

The silence echoed in the dark for minutes until Midnight spoke up, "You know, I think I know what you're going through. Brother, there is not a day that goes by when I go hunting that I wish you could be with me. Even I fear that you will be hurt at home, and that I will not be there for you. We are the same but different; however, nothing could take us apart. It is trivial that our furs set us apart."

Trickster whispered sadly, "No Midnight, there is but more than fur that parts us. Unfortunately, you will never come to understand what I have been forced to fear." After saying this, Trickster walked back down the hill and into his quarters.


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