Shaking Steady Grounds

Born far off in a family of cats in a thick forest nestled in a valley, this short story takes on the view of two cats, Midnight and Trickster, who were both destined for greatness. Though in the wooded glen where they find themselves, they soon find out that they were also destined for divided ways. (Comments, likes, and faves would be greatly appreciated~ Mitchell)


3. Fall's Splendor

The green grass was losing its color and the trees were changing colors. The leaves swirled in the wind as they fell off, and the chills before winter accompanied the wind. What once was full of chirping birds, now turned into a silent valley as they prepared for the winter. The dandelions, which once were brightly yellow, turned to white and followed where the wind took them. The tall grasses of the meadows swayed as the wind brushed their blades.

Trickster was sitting on the hill while Midnight was on another hunting trip. He was contemplating and talking to himself as tears rushed down his eyes. "Not a day that goes by when I go hunting that I wish you could be with me. Those words haunt me. If only you knew. I would be dead had it not been for my fur! Nothing could take us apart. What a lie... what a lie he told me. He lies to me. Yet here I stay: waiting for your return... once again. You don't know how it feels to have a longing for life; you never will."

Trickster stopped and paused. Suddenly, he realized he wasn't alone. "I thought you'd be up here." Silver-light said and went on, "You always come up here when your brother is away."

Trickster wiped his eyes and turned around. "Why yes, just worried for him, and so as my duty as high priest, I am to pray for their return. Also, this place reminds me of home. Nothing more than just what is intended for me."

"I think there is more to it that just worried for your brother, and just as your duty as high priest." Silver-light sat down with her fur shining in the sunlight. "In fact, even with all your talents, you seem worried for yourself." She then met eyes with Trickster and asked, "What is really wrong?"

Trickster was silent for a minute as he searched his thoughts. Thoughtlessly he remarked, "The omens of the autumn seem to be against our liking again. I fear another harsh winter will be upon us. I can even feel the ground trembling in fear as it approaches. The trees shake in broken spirits, and the sky swirls in confusion. You should value your life while it is still here to be valued; you may not get another chance later on."

Silver-light purred and answered, "I believe I already have, yet it is you who seem anxious. Please tell me what is wrong Trickster; I love you."

Trickster was shocked by her confession. Though even he knew that she wouldn't accept him without his claws, so intelligently he sighed and made an excuse, "I guess I have just been feeling lonely. Since birth, my brother and I have been destined to be separated and take different paths. At first we did not know it nor did we believe it, but as the year matured we came to the realization: We had been falling apart. He and I may never admit it face to face, but I will make no mistake: he is no longer there for me at all times. Our love for each other will always remain, but there is no doubt that we are far apart."

"Oh Trickster, why didn't you just say so?" Silver-light continued with a passionate heart, "You once told me, 'A door may close without your consent, but you have the choice to open other doors. Even those doors may lead you to that which was once yours.'" Silver-light reached out her paw, "So do you wish to open another door?"

Trickster smiled and affirmed, "Of course I do." Trickster took her paw, and the two cats sat up upon the hill as the wind blew through their hair. He no longer felt lonely anymore, and he felt at peace with himself.

Together, the two would go on that same hill while Midnight was away hunting. They would sit close and help each other with the days' burdens which became ever so cumbersome. Though Trickster refused to tell Silver-light his real problem, he still found hope in her words and his new friendship. Not a day would go by when Trickster would ever be coerced to face his own problems. He had found a true treasure to adore forever.


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